Rakshee @ Kota Damasara

When I was in Yogyakarta, I saw many shops along the road with the big sign of Bakso. I didn't get the chance to try it because some of my group members did not take beef. Therefore I was very happy to be able to eat Bakso at Rakshee, in Kota Dasmansara upon the invitation of Foodinker.

At Rakshee, it's everything about bakso (meatball), and mind you, you can get a bowl of Bakso noodles for just RM1.90! So, no need to travel to Indonesia for bakso for your bakso fix. Rakshee has opened close to a year by young entrepreneurs of different background with the intent of bringing Indonesian street food to the next level. I was told that they are in the process of applying for halal certification. 

Bakso Soup - RM1.90

To me, this is the highlight of Rakshee. A bowl of delicious soup full of wonderful aromatic spices and two balls of bakso and soft noodles that is translucent for only RM1.90! I enjoyed the soup and also the tender texture of the beef meat ball very much. It is a must try dish!

Baked pasta Marinara - RM9.90

Pasta with creamy cheese and five lovely bakso balls. I love this dish as I can taste a tinge of hot spice in it. A fusion of local taste with western menu cleverly done. A thumbs up for Rakshee. Do not miss this dish if you are a cheesy foodie.

Rakshee Linguine - RM9.90

Spicy Thai Linguine - RM9.90

Spicy Thai Linguine as the name say is of couorse more spicy than Rakshee Linguine. As in life, some likes it hot, therefore a few of my friends says this is better. But personally I prefer the the original Rakshee Linguine with some scattered cheese flakes and fresh herbs.

Baked Beefball Marinara - RM9.90 & Swedish Beefball - RM9.90

Rakshee is good in considering the general people's preference that is for some who cannot take too hot and spicy flavours. Therefore the one to the left redder in color is the Baked Beef ball Marinara. Both tastes fantastic when the toasted bread was dipped into it.

Mini Burger - RM9.90

Aha, this mini burger is my favourite dish. The mini buns is sweet and the bakso balls is savoury and there is this tiny salad on top. With one bite I can feel the explosion of flavours in my mouth. Boom, the sweet savoury taste is heavenly. Another reason is also the size, as I do not like big fat burgers where when you take a bite, there will be some messy sauce and vegetable dropping out from the other end or even the corners of your mouth!

Bakso Nugget - RM9.90

Another new creativity from Rakshee. Move away chicken nuggets, now we have the new menu of Bakso nugget! This nuggets disappear real fast! Every one likes it so much.

Rakshee Frittata - RM9.90 - Breakfast only

The same can't be said on this frittata, an Italian omelette dish served for breakfast. I find it bland as as I feel that the flavours does not suit me.

Classic Aglio Olio - RM7.40 - Breakfast only

Rakshee Soto Bakso - RM11.90 - Breakfast only from 9am - 12pm

Rakshee Lasagna - RM15.90

Rakshee Grill Lamb - RM30.90

A welcome change if you go in a group and some friends don't take beef. Overall a nice dish but to me the sauce on the lamb is a bit to the sweet side.

Of the three types of bottled drinks, I love the TEBS as it has the balance of sweet and sour taste, just like apple cider vinegar but not as sour. The Fruit tea is a fruit juice which is a bit on the sweet side.

Rakshee is modernized with hipster like design and custom made interiors.

I love the tables and chairs which are custom made. They are made of metal with gives the stable and secure feeling, so much better than some plastic chairs that are wobbly.

For those who love to dine outdoors, Rakshee is a corner shop so there is this long verandah at the side for fresh air.

Space is fully utilized with the frontage also having a row of dining shelf and chairs. This is where we took our group photo.

Rakshee is derived from an informal Arabic language with two meanings that is joyful and relaxation.

Yes, joyful, relax and having fun. This is what a fellow foodie did. We all had an enjoyable evening and our stomachs are also very happy with bakso theme food.

No. 11, Jalan PJU 5/20A,
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: 012-2474673

Business Hours:
Tue - Sun: 9.00am - 11.30pm, Monday closed

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