Hopp Cafe at Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya

Another latest cafe in Bandar Sunway. Hopp Cafe is just on the ground floor of the new Commercial Block at Nadayu next to Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya. Opened just a few months ago, business is brisk at lunch time. Hopp Cafe serves both Western and Malaysian fusion. 

There are different types of sitting in this cafe, from sofas, settees to chairs and tables. 

This dish attracted my attention the most. the Seabass Paella. 

 Seabass Paella

We ordered it as our main dish. Paella is a famous Spanish  dish and I have eaten Paella in Madrid, Spain. 

It comes with a cute pan with two ears (handles) and a small semicircle tray with chilli, lemon and celery. Taste wise it is just ok to me, as I compared it to the actual Spanish Paella that I have eaten in Madrid. Paella is rice cooked in a pan and the uniqueness is you must see the burnt crispy yet tasty rice at the bottom of the pan.

Roasted  Garlic and Chilli Chicken Patties

For Tapas, my girl chose the chicken patties. The Roasted garlic and chilli chicken patties consisted of roasted garlic, chilli and minced chicken meat all mixed together. We can see the red chilli in the minced meat but don't worry, it is not spicy.  

Ginger & Lime Cream Brulee

It was Cream Brulee for our dessert as both of us like cream brulee very much! Presentation for this dish is very good . A small piece of biscuit is placed on top of a thin dash of ginger. On the other side of the plate there is a slice of strawberry, and bits of  chocolate sprinkle under as scoop of vanilla gelato. The custard in the Cream Brulee itself has the correct level of minimum sweetness and texture. Happy to say this is my highly recommended dish!

Here in the menu it says 'create your own latte art'. So I ordered hot cappuccino and tried to do it myself. We were given a cup of cappuccino and a glass of cream. 

Hot Cappucino - RM9.50

After this it is your on own. Here's the video of it, an amatuer trying to do latte art. Wasn't up to standard, right? I must really go take up a course in Latte Art. Any recommendations?

My Ugly First Latte Art

Here are some of the menu of HOPP Cafe for your reference.

For most new cafes/restaurants that I have been, the person in charge is normally very friendly. They try to have a small talk or exchange some pleasantries to make people feel happy and enjoy dining. But this cafe seems lacking in this area. 

Lastly, I would like to thank Openrice for making it possible for me to dine in Hopp Cafe  by giving me a RM30 voucher. My total bill for a cup of Hot Cappuccino, Roasted garlic and chilli chicken patties, Seabass Paella and Cream Brulee at Hopp Cafe was RM51.55 for me and my daughter. Please log in to Openrice website for more restaurants and cafes in Malaysia.

Hopp Cafe
10A, Nadayu28 Dagang, 
Jalan PJS 11/7,
48250 Bandar Sunway

Tel No: 603-56133366

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