Have it your way with Creme Caramel Dessert

When travelling around, there are times we need to go on budget. I love desserts, but eating desserts in cafes will burn a hole in my pocket especially when you start converting and counting the exchange rate back into Malaysian ringgit. Creme caramel is my favourite dessert, so I normally buy it from supermarkets.

There are a few brands of creme caramel available in local Australian supermarkets such as Coles,Woolworths, and others. I tried two types that is the Wicked Sister Fine Foods and Divine Classic. They cost around $3.09AUD for a box of two.

Wicked Sister Creme Caramel with vanilla bean

Divine Classic Creme Caramel

We can remove the creme caramel from the container beautifully and easily by following the  instructions on the package. 

First remove the lid. Then invert it onto a plate. Snap the two small tabs to release the vacuum. Easy. Then just lift off the container. But sometimes the small tabs won't snap, then just use a small knife to poke a hole along the fold of the snap to release the pressure. 

Then it is just decorating the creme caramel with fresh fruits or frozen fruits we we don't have the fresh ones. I decorate it with raspberry. Raspberry is sour so it is just goes well the the sweetness of the caramel. 

This is just simple and cheap dessert recommendation to travellers. Yeah, we being budget travellers can also enjoy a delectable dessert using our own creativity!

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