Bondi Pizza at Macquarie Shopping

What to eat for lunch? Let's try Pizza! "Yes, Bondi Pizza  is usually full at lunch so let's quickly go in. It's 12 noon now, so the lunchtime crowd have not started yet", answered by girl. So we were happy to be ushered onto a table inside the restaurant without having to  wait outside. 

There is this promotion of lunch special for only $10.95 of a small pan pizza plus drinks. It's a good deal. We chose the pizza and also churros as a dessert.

Bondi's Pizza has thin layer of dough and crispy sides which is one of my favourite base. I do not like the thick, sometimes mushy bread at the bottom of the pizza as I feel like I am just eating a slice of bread with some toppings, yucks.

Marinated Chargrilled Lamb Pizza: 8 in pizza - $13.95 & 12 inch regular - $25.95

Marinated Chargrilled Lamb Pizza - Tender marinated lamb backstrap fillet, fetta cheese, balsamic onions, roma tomatoes, rocket, sweet potato crisps & our creamy Caesar sauce  

The Chargrilled Lamb Pizza was ok. I like the sweet potato crisp the best as it adds to the texture of the overall pizza by giving the extra crispiness to the dish.

Chilli Prawn & Chorizo: individual is $13.95 and regular is 25.95

I like this Chilli Prawn & Chorizo pizza the best as the flavour of prawns compliments the taste of the chorizo well. Chorizo is a spanish sausage made from chopped pork cooked  with paprika (reference: chorizo, wikipedia)

Chilli Prawn & Chorizo Pizza consists of roma tomatoes, basil,chilli prawn, chorizo, roasted capsium finished with coriander, Italian bufflo mozzarella and a wedge of  lemon. Moreover, there are a generous amount of prawns given here on top of the pizza :)

The True Vegetarian - Individual $12.95, regular $24.95

This True Vegetarian Pizza is a filling piece of pizza made up of goat curd base, spinach, mushrooms, roasted pumpkin, balsamic onions, roma tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted pine nuts, shaved parmesan, pesto. parmesan sauce & balsamic glaze.

Our Lunch special comes with a free drink so we opted for Pink lemonade or Raspberry lemonade

Raspberry Lemonande

 Churros, is another version of chinese deep fried pastry (youtiao) or in cantonese we called it "oil fried devil" in Malaysia. Devil? Why? Maybe because it's a sinfully deep fried long piece of pastry (which my mother also advises me not to eat) as the hawkers just reuse the oil for frying again and again umpteen times until the oil is black in color! But if you just crave for one, don't worry, just check the color of the pot of oil before you buy from the roadside hawkers. (This is my secret^-^)

Churros Oven Baked  - $10.95

Churros at Bondi Pizza is oven baked (not deep fried, hehe) coated in sugar & cinnamon and served with your choice of warm belgian chocolate or maple syrup.

There are other branches of Bondi Pizza in Australia and many in Sydney itself. I have also eaten at Bondi Pizza at Top Ryde City Shopping Centre.

Bondi Pizza
Macquarie Centre
Herring RD & Waterloo Rd
Macquarie Park NSW 2113

Phone : (02) 98895852
Hours: 11am - 10pm

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