PappaRich Malaysian Restaurant, Parramatta, Sydney

Where can we savour Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Char Koay Teow, Nasi Briyani and many other Malaysian delights when you are overseas? In Sydney, I notice that there are long queues infront of PappaRich Malaysian Restaurant in most shopping malls. Why??? Must be those Malaysians there feeling homesick and miss their local taste. 

How much is one roti canai sold in PappaRich in Sydney? It's 5.90AUD, compared to our local RM1.00 in Mamak shops. (In Malaysia, local Mamak shops are very popular with youngsters for its good cheap local food with some opening into late hours or 24 hours.)

How is the taste compared to local Malaysian cuisine? "Hmm... the Char Koay Teow is good here, the only one that is almost similar to Malaysian Char Koay Teow, while most other restaurants here in Sydney are not as good" said my daughter. Ok, so I ordered Char Koay Teow yesterday when we were in PappaRich, Parramatta.

Pappa Char Kuay Teow - AUD$14.90

Yeah, it is delicious, fragrant with crunchy bean sprouts. As I am very particular about the presentation, so this one pass my test. The noodles are not dark in color as meaning there is less black dark soy sauce added. The koay teow is fried to the right "wok hei" (heat) with lumps of fried eggs can be seen in the plate. The eggs shouldn't be all broken up and mixed into all the ingredients until you can only see the tiny weenie bits of yellow pieces. Yes, it's a highly recommended dish if you want a truly Malaysian delight.

PappaRich Fried Rice Noodles - AUD$14.90

We ordered a plate of Pappa Fried  Rice Noodle which is actually our local fried Lou Shi Fun. This dish is also good taste wise. The prawns given are all very big ones that is sweet and fresh.

Pappa Curry Fish Fillet Noodle Soup - AUD$18.90

Since my girl loves fish, she ordered curry noodle soup but opted for the fish fillet instead of the other normal ingredients of curry mee. It came in a huge bowl of with big slices of fish fillet on top. The fish fillet is fried to the right temperature where with one bite I can feel the crunchiness. Mmm... heavenly. But the soup was just ok and not thick and spicy as what we Malaysians would like it to be. 

I put up some of the menu of  the dishes and prices so that you can get will get a rough idea of the prices as compared to locals in Malaysia, or other places of the world in your hometown.

Roti Canai

Fish Head / Fillet noodles

Nasi Briyani


Desserts of Tau Foo Fa, Mixed Shaved Ice (ABC as locals called it)

Beverages, Puddings & Sweet soups (Tong Sui)

There is an outdoor seating facing the train station

PappaRich Parramatta is situated just opposite the Parramatta train station

Papparich Parramatta
2185A Zone G, 159-175, Church St
Parramatta, Westfield
NSW 2150

02-9633 3387

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