Wat Bang Kung - Temple within Tree

Nature holds lots of wonders for man to see. Exploring the natural wonders that God has created on earth always brings amazement and joy. There is this small buddhist shrine inside roots of big banyan trees.

Thailand is a buddhist country therefore you can see lots of pagodas and temples while travelling around. Being a buddhist myself, I have visited a number of temples in Thailand but this one is unique. 

Situated in the Amphawa area in Samut Songkhram district, this Wat Bung Kung has been honoured as the Unseen Thailand. Wat Bang Kung was built during the Ayutthaya Period which is about 200 hundred years ago.

Looking from the outside, I can just see a big huge tree. The roots are like pillars and openings among the roots are the windows.  

 It can accommodate approximately 20 people inside.  

You can go inside to pay respect to the Buddha image of Nin Mani Buddha, more locally known as Luang Phor Dum.

The compound surrounding this small shrine is big with other buildings, Muay Thai boxing statues, a long row of toilets at the back and others that is worth taking stroll around.

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