Amphawa Floating Market, a fantastic weekend stay

Bustling with people walking along the narrow platform along the Mae Klong river, Amphawa floating market is a must visit place. The second largest floating market in Thailand, it only opens on weekends from Friday to Sunday night. A gem place to be explored, the best option is to stay overnight in Amphawa, Samut Songkram, in the guest house or homestay along the floating market. 

The narrow lane on both sides of the canal is packed with people and many shops.

You can sit on the tables placed on the steps to eat food that is cooked from the sampans below

Seafood is cheap in Amphawa as compared to the prices in Malaysia. Just order big prawns, grilled fish, curry crabs and steam fish crabs.

I ate from one of the restaurants and the price is reasonably cheap. The name of the restaurant is Pawat Somtum Seafood. Walk along the floating market and you can see it by the big red chicken head in front of the restaurant.

For those who dislike peeling the shells of crabs, don't worry, here the crabs came all peeled nicely.

Look, even the meat from the legs are peeled so nicely that it is so easy to eat and the little meat in the leg does not go to waste. Cool, isn't it!

My menu of above steamed peeled crabs, grilled big prawns, curry crabs, grilled fish, lala, vegetables, drinks and rice for 4 pax is THB2820.

Tried this big grilled prawns, fried pineapple rice and others (sorry no photo taken) for dinner in another restaurant in the floating market.

What are floating market? Buy things from the vendors that come by rowing in their sampans (boats), of course!

So, we bought fresh coconuts from this lady who comes rowing by.....

 If you are a Buddhist, do not miss the early morning offerings to the buddhist monk who comes by rowing in a sampan. The offerings can be bought from the homestay.

I was very happy to stay at Baanklong Amphawa Homestay for the night. There are a few highlights which must not be missed, first, is the night boat trip where you can enjoy a totally different perspective of the floating market from the river including seeing the fireflies. I saw a "natural christmas tree" (the  tree is full of glittering fireflies) that night. Paid THB650 for a boat trip of about one and a half hour. The night view of the floating market is from the boat is fantastic.

About 600 metres from floating market, Baanklong Amphawa Homestay is bed and breakkfast homestay. It is actually only a short walk to the floating market. Paid THB1200 for an aircon room but the toilet is outside.

The lovely Baanklong Amphawa Homestay that I stayed in. There are many nice colorful sofas for you to sit and relax facing the peaceful serene waters. 

 I would highly recommend you to stay a night at Amphawa floating market for this authentic local culture and relaxation.

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