Kenny Rogers Roasters Absolutely Sambalicious Meal @ Mid Valley Shopping Mall, Malaysia

Sambal is like a local must have for Malaysians in their meals. The hot,spicy, fragrant chilli sauce adds flavour and taste including increasing our appetite during a meal. Riding on this, Kenny Rogers Roaster Malaysia launch their new Sambalicious Meal starting on 4 October 2016. Now Malaysians and all spicy sambal lovers can enjoy a plate of KRR chicken with flavours of sambal!

Guests can choose from a variety of Sambalicious meal options from the Sambalicious Soup Meal, Sambalicious Favourite Meal to the Sambalicious Chicken Meal from RM19.90 onwards. All Sambalicious meal comes with a Kenny homemade Muffin. 

Latest ala carte side dishes complementing the sambalicious series are the Spicy Golden Rice, Potato Salad at introductory price of RM5.90 each (Normal price RM8.90)

This Spicy Golden Rice has just the right amount of spiciness suitable for those adult who can take spicy food but may not be suitable for children who can't take spicy food. It is a healthy version as the rice is not the fried rice type but steamed with the fresh ingredients. 

Potato Salad - RM5.90 ( normal RM8.90)

In addition to a Sambalicious time, guest can upsize their quarter chicken meal to half chicken meal for RM5 only for a limited time offer. 

Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR) at Midvalley Shopping Mall is bright, spacious and cheerful with red, white and black interior decors.

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