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'Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder', true, but do you know that beauty can be enhanced through various methods? Every woman desires to improve their own physical beauty by learning more. Well yours truly is also one of them therefore I was glad to be invited to this beauty workshop for bloggers. Thus, I am now also a keppo (colloquial lingo for busybody) and a member of was founded by Jimmy on January 2016. I was told that here actually stands for being really curious to know about everything around you such as food, beverages, restaurants, events in Malaysia. The abbreviations are: K = Knowing, E = Every, P = People, P = Particulars, O = Object and lastly My = Malaysia.

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This beauty workshop started off with Kevin Fai introducing, Etermes, the Supreme Revitalizing Magic Mask, a product from France. Website:

This mask sheet is soaked inside the tube bottle to preserve its moisture. The excess essence from the tube can be applied to your face and neck after the mask have been removed.

Press the mask gently on face with finger tips. Remove the mask after 20 - 30 minutes, then apply the excess moisture. This Magic Mask has 7 ultimate aesthetic effects.

Next, a jovial Steven Yong from Beluxury Makeup Studio gave basic tips on makeup to all the eager bloggers.  

The range of MIB makeup products from USA

First foundation, what's the difference between loose powder and compact? I suppose ladies who constantly makeup knows the answer but a novice like me have to listen carefully. "Loose powder give a more natural look than compact as a foundation, and always look for foundation that is a tone lighter" says Steven. 

"Oh don't forget the neck! Or else you will end up looking like a clown with a painted face!" Haha, our model also can't help laughing away. 

Eyeliner should be drawn in one stroke, For lower eyelid, draw from the middle. 

When sticking false eyelashes, stick it from the top not the bottom.

 Here's the correct way to use the tweezers

Gently press 3 times to shape the eyelashes and to get more curl. 

More tips 

1. When applying blusher, you must smile and do not apply lower than the nose line. 
2. For yellow tone skin, use peach color
3. When drawing eyebrow, there are 3 shades of color: medium, darker and light 
4. Use lip gloss instead of lipstick for a more natural look. 
5. When applying the lip gloss, it's from the center of the lips. 
(OMG, so I did this mistake as all the while because I just apply lipstick starting from one end of the lips to the other!)

(for more info or makeup course, please refer to Beluxury Makeup Studio )

This is the completed half face of the model

The power of makeup! See the difference on the makeup side and non makeup side. I am glad I attended this Beauty workshop as I did learn a lot. Thank you Keppo.My.

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