Fantastic Gulmarg with pony ride in Kashmir, India

"Gulmarg! I am looking forward to going there and hope to get fantastic beautiful photos" exclaimed my friend. So, off we go to Kashmir last week following the tour group from Apple Holiday Tour  of Incredible India tour. 

Gulmarg, a city in Kashmir has the second highest gondola cable car in the world. It is 3995 meters and completed in 2004. Gulmarg is also a popular skiing destination as the snow conditions are fantastic in winter. The town is situated in the Pirpanjal range in the western Himalayas (Wikipedia)

Our journey started off from our houseboat in Srinagar in 4WD and about 2 hours ride to this small town just before Gulmarg.

Found some real fluffy hairy monkeys around the road. Then, out of a sudden, oh dear, I caught two in action!

Everyone in our group got ready for the pony ride.

We were very excited and busy taking photos. 

Its a long ride, about 1.5 KM going up hill.

I am able to capture some serene views along the way with this pony ride.

My pony's name is Raja

Oh yes, we can stop to take photos along the way. The pony guides are very obliging in helping to take photos for us

Hmm... some likes to take pics with all the snow around them.

There are two phase of the gondola ride up the hill. The second phase is not always open as it depends on the weather. I was  lucky enough to be able to go up the second level as the weather was fine on that day. 

The first phase of gondola ride is from Gulmarg to Kungdoor (near Khilanmarg) and Phase II is Kungdoor to Aparwarth, with ticket cost about Rs 600 & 800 return.

Going up in the gondola, there are some huts in the middle on the hill. The our guide told us that they are shepherds' huts where the shepherds stayed overnight instead of going home down all the way. 

On top of Phase I station, Kungdoor.

Fantastic views On top at Phase II gondola station

It's like you are on top of the mountains and a sea of clouds below you!

Looks like sea in the background, but it's not sea, it's clouds.

We are above peaks of some snow capped mountains!!

Clear blue skies and the tips snow top mountains

The chair lift for skiers to go up.

The clouds and mountains are below you!!

Ok, I agree with my friend that Gulmarg is a beautiful scenic place and I also like the pony ride very much.  

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