Run For Lives Malaysia at Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam, Malaysia

New Year Countdown with running for your dear lives!! Oh yes, it's fun, as the zombies are chasing you in the dark at night and run, run, run, you have to run away from them and into the new 2017 year.

Yes, it was awesome indeed. No wonder the queue to register and take the T-shirts is so-o-o long (about 200m long) and takes one hour and a half. A girl told me she reached Taman Botani at 7.30 pm and was able to enter only at 9pm.

I was surprised to see such a long queue and am also glad to see the happy faces chatting away queuing patiently...

It was a memorable night and especially so with the ushering in the new year with something different and daring.

Run For Your Lives is a zombie theme obstacles run. This is the last one in year 2016, and I have been to a few earlier. This run is coupled with the countdown for 2017 for a more festive mood. It is organized by Monkey Theory in collaboration with other parties such as Maxis, Go Communications, Bergamot, Tonton and others and the world renown DJ NIKKI.

Started with the outbreak of an unknown virus, the human race is in danger, therefore the crisis unit has set up a route for evacuation. In this apocalyptic situation, survivors need to have wits, speed, agility and stamina to outwit and escape the zombies' clutches to run to a safe zone. You can either be a zombie or a survivor in this Run For Your Lives fun night.

There are obstacles along the track, and the survivors are released in waves (groups) and at certain points there are zombies waiting to snatch your lives away from you. So, you have to try to dodge away from them. Don't worry they don't follow you everywhere as there are cut off points, otherwise you will have to really run for your lives all through the 5 km track for almost an hour! Mind you, this time it's in the dark!

Its zombie  apocalypse, with zombies enjoying the environment and the fun!! 

There are stations for zombie makeup......

How about being married as zombies? Well this couple is happy this way!

Or this? Love to make-up like this? Personally, I feel scared to do all this type of make-up.... Hmm... me the old-fashioned type.

Of course, there are rewards for the best zombie!! 

There are food and merchandise sold in the compound, and we have to buy coupons for the food.

Photography backdrops for all to take photos.

Free games while for waiting for countdown

Watermelon eating competition on stage, a couple verses two boys

Suddenly, there was excitement and everyone looked up into the sky. Oh, see, there's a drone flying.


Had an enjoyable and unique zombie party cum countdown at Taman Botani Negara this New Year Eve. 

Happy New Year 2017
May you be endowed with health, luck and prosperity
May there be blessings in all your undertakings
 May all your wishes come true!

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