Indulge in Chinese New Year Dishes with Philips Airfryer and Amy Beh

One of our Group 1 winning dish: Grilled Spicy Fish with Wonder Mushroom

"Where to this time?" my girl asked last Saturday. "A Philips cooking workshop by Amy Beh (famous celebrity chef, food columnist and cookbook writer) using Philips Airfryer" I answered. "I think you can get prize as mummy can cook good food at home", said my girl. 'Not possible', I thought to myself as I have never been to cooking competition before. Infact, I was having some misgivings while driving to Feves De Choco, Setapak which is far from my house. The only consolation is I am a great fan of Amy Beh and have been following her newspaper column for many years.

Philips Malaysia held a cooking workshop in collaboration with famous celebrity chef, Amy Beh, Feminine magazine and Alce Nero  using the Philips Airfryer with new TurboStar technology. Titled "Indulge in Chinese New Year Dishes for Good Luck and Health with Philips", Philips Airfryer  lets you enjoy food with more Fatt and less fat on the dining table this year.

Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Chief executive Officer of Philips Group of Malaysia explained that Chinesse New Year is the time for families and friends get together and reunion dinner with traditional menu is significant in Chinese cooking but there are concerns on presence of saturated fats and unhealthy fats. Therefore Philips is dedicated to improving people's lives through meaningful innovation, that is the Philips Airfryer equipped with new TurboStar technology can offer up to 80% less fat. In conjunction with Chinese New Year, Philips has released a limited edition red Philips Airfryer (HD9623/31) to liven up the festive mood.

 Alce Nero organic products are from Italy, providing wholesome and nutritious food, making it appropriate for many weight-loss and detox diets

First participants were divided into groups and ushered to our cooking stations. Tables are all laid out with the raw ingredients at each station. There are 10 groups with 3 in each group. We were told that the top 3 winning group will be able to take home a Philips Airfryer TurboStar Technology limited edition red colour each which cost RM 1299 each! Wah, cool! There will be also a lucky draw!

Excited participants taking position at the stations

We were then asked to take out the airfryer from the box which everyone did so happily

Amy Beh gave a demonstration of how to cook 3 dishes - Tong Kwai Roasted Pork, Grilled Spicy Fish with Wonder Mushroom and Tamarind Honey Prawns

We were then given an hour to cook the 3 dishes on our own. 

 Everyone felt "kan cheong" and excited, quickly preparing the 3 dishes. Taste, creativity in decorations and timing is very important in the judging, we were told. We were constantly reminded of the time ticking away. Why does the time passes away so fast?

Final finishing touches....

The 3 dishes of Group 1, prepared by Betty, Ang and yours truly.

Tamarind Honey Prawns

Tong Kwai Flavour Roasted Pork (Siew York)
(For non halal, you can replace the pork with beef and omit the Tong Kwai)

Grilled Spicy Fish with Wonder Mushroom

The moment has arrived, one of the judges, Amy Beh tasting our dish.

Finally, the results are announced, and we won! Group 1 is one of the 3 winners!  

Thanks to the wonderful cooperation and understanding among the three of us in Group 1, each of us took home this Philips Airfryer with TurboStar Technology worth RM1299!

Hmmm... this is a new start, and for this Chinese New Year there will definitely have healthier, more nutritious dishes dishes on the table in my house with food prepared by Philips Airfryer TurboStar and Alce Nero organic sauce such as Organic Extra virgin olive oil, Organic Balsamic Vinegar, Wild Flower Honey.

What an exhilarating experience! Personally, I was very happy to be able to participate in this cooking workshop after being a passive audience watching countless cooking shows on TV. Everyone is very happy at the end.

The Philips Airfryer is also available in digital versions ( HD9640 at RRP RM1,399 and HD9643 at RRP RM1,499). The Philips Airfryer with TurboStar technology is available at any Philips authorised retailer nationwide. It can also be bought online at the Philips Official store on or Lazada on

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