Musang King Durian Crab at Fei Fei Crabs in Kepong, KL

Crabs, carbs, my family's all time favourite seafood. Yes, we have tried out most flavours or types of cooking crabs, but this is the first time I have tasted Musang King Durian Crabs. At first, it looks like cheese or butter crabs, but it's only when you go near, you will get this beautiful unique fragrant, that's the difference! Well, we, durian eaters will know durian that there's a durian nearby anywhere and anytime by our nose! 

Pahang Musang King Crab XXXL and Crispy Fried Chinese Bun at RM5 per piece

Fei Fei Crab Restaurant, as the name says so, is a specialist in crabs. I was happy to be invited to this food tasting session and able to taste this latest menu of Pahang Musang King Durian flavour Crabs. The sauce is creamy, aromatic and full of durian taste, just like we are eating the actual durian! And when we dip the crab meat into the sauce, bang! King of fruits combined with the sweet fresh flesh of meat crab, heavenly! Calories overload too, hehe. To all crabs lovers cum durian foodies, this is a must have dish ^-^ 

 I understand some people may have reservations on this combination. Because sometimes durian flavour do not combine well with certain other food. Personally, I was initially sceptical, but after tasting it, it has become my highly recommended dish for this coming Chinese New Year. According to Mr. Tan, the owner, crabs have cooling effect and durian is heaty, so this combination of hot and cold together, is the best. But mind you, please do not drink alcohol together with this dish because alcohol and durian is a well known deadly combination.  

There are three sizes of crabs available, 2 crabs of size XL cost RM88, 2 crabs of XXL - RM136 and 2 crabs of XXXL - RM156. For Pahang Musang King durian flavour, we have to add RM18 on top of the crab price, and to (ta-pau) take away just add RM3. This dish is best eaten with crispy fried chinese bun which costs RM5 per piece. Oh yes another good combination is with fresh coconut water, and the fresh coconut sold here is the small type which has lovely sweet coconut juice. (RM6 for one coconut). I will definitely order the coconut here next time I dine here again, as some restaurants sell the local big coconuts that are not fragrant at all. 

Salmon Pear Lou Sang - RM58 standard size

What is Chinese New Year makan if there is no Lou Sang? It is a must have to usher in the new year as it symbolises a toast of abundance, luck and wealth. 

All the various ingredients such as melon, and finely sliced pear are nicely arranged on the plate topped with nuts, crackers. Sweet and sour sauce is then poured on it. Then everyone will stand up to toss and mix everything together with cheers and shouts of 'huat', 'ong' for prosperity, luck, health and wealth in the coming year. Thus this moving up motion of chopsticks symbolises everything in the coming year will move up, therefore the higher we toast, the better!

Well mixed! Good, so this new coming year will have abundance of mixed fortunes coming in our way! 

Stewed Seafood With Abalone - RM188

A heavenly mix of soft white tofu top with abalone intricately designed and presented. There is quality seafood of scallops, prawns, oyster clams surrounded by steamed broccoli. Premier ingredients in one plate with lovely translucent gravy. A delectable dish indeed and my hands off to the cook!

Teochew Style Seafood Platter - RM288 

Another new unique dish which is self explanatory from the photo itself. Oysters, scallops, clams, tiger prawns, tofu and a big white pomfret all steam to perfection in Teochew style. I can't stop scooping up the gravy from this plate. Normally, I do not like Teochew style steaming of seafood or fish because some are too sourish. But is fantastic as the seafood is steamed to the right temperature and the gravy consist of all the mixture of the original juices from the seafood!   

Thai Style Pork Knuckle with Apple Salad - seasonal price

A huge pork knuckle, crispy skin with special apple salad toppings. The meat is cooked to perfection as is is not only soft but also drop off the bone easily. Best eaten by dipping into the special homemade Thai sauce. The only setback for me is I do not really like onions and here I see more of fresh strips of onions than strips of fresh apples. 

Waxed Meat Rice with Crab and Dried Oyster - price is add RM40 on top of crab price

Another good combination of crab dish! Crab and rice cooked together in one dish. A wholesome meal by itself! The rice is cooked with waxed meat and dried oyster. The natural flavour and juice from the crabs makes the rice here tastier. But do be careful when eating the rice as some bits of crab shell maybe inside the rice.

Samples of Menu

Brightly decorated inside the shop 

Situated in Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, Fei Fei Crabs are normally full at dinner time especially during weekends and public holidays.

Mr. Tan, owner, a friendly and jovial guy, is very sporting to pose for this impromptu shot.

 Fei Fei Crab Restaurant
No. 7,Jalan Desa 2/7
Desa Aman Puri, Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur

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