Senthai & Mookata, Authentic Thai restaurant, Kepong, KL

Senthai & Mookata restaurant, tucked facing a car park lot in Menjalara, Kepong is an authentic Thai restaurant with chefs from Thailand. Therefore I find the taste of certain dishes foreign and unique to my taste bud. Well, what to do, this is a jakun who seldom eat Thai food ^-^. So, I did a search in google for the meaning of SenThai and Mookata. "In Thailand the BBQ is called a “Mookata”, which translates directly to “Pork Pan” source :My Thailand Holiday. Loosely translated, it is noodles and BBQ Thai style. Hmm... let's see.

Jim Jum - RM65++ for 2 pax

It's like time travelling back to the old days where is no gas nor electricity stove yet, and we all eat from charcoal stove and earthen pots. It has been a long time since I watch charcoal burning in a stove, and my mother preparing food from it. (that is during my primary school days) Now this Jim Jum is a traditional Thai style steamboat served in our modern times.

Jin Jum is a popular Thai Street believed to have originated from Laos, Cambodia and North East Thailand. Soup is the essence of a steamboat, and here it is no doubt that this is a quality tasty soup full of traditional aromatic herbs. Various herbs are added to the soup base first, such as galangal, sweet basil, lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves.

After the soup has come to the boiling point inside the earthen clay pot, the fresh egg is beaten and the meat (pork) is mix with the beaten egg. Here, fresh cut pieces of pork is being used instead of the normal frozen pork slices. The egg coated meat is then put into the claypot together with all other ingredients for the steamboat. Yes new Thai style steamboat is excellent, especially the soup which we have to ask for refill more than once. It is so good that everyone seems to be drinking the soup! A pot of Jim Jum is enough for two pax and I think the price is reasonable here, as we are able to enjoy a real charcoal fire claypot steamboat.

The Breakfast/Lunch menu runs from 11.30 am to 4.00pm with set menu to ala carte dishes such as tom yam, noodles, curry, fried rice and fish menu
Breakfast Set - Kaikata

Kaikata (Thai Style Omelette) RM13.50 - including Thai Tea or Thai coffee

The omelette is well seasoned and accompanied by slices of ham. A complete and filling breakfast by itself as there are two slices of toasted bread and with tea or coffee to go with. Overall the taste is good and suitable for bread and omelette lovers.

Lunch Set

Kaw Pad Sapparod (Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice) RM15.90

Here, other than the normal seafood and pineapple in the fried rice, there are raisins added for the extra sweetness of the overall dish.

Kaw Pad Moo (Pork Fried Rice) - RM10.90

Add-on for lunch set RM4.00 for this combination above ( a glass of drink and 3 pieces of fried fritters)

Full Lunch set with the add-on combination

Gang Keaw Wan Moo (Green Curry Pork) - RM16.00

Green Curry is one of my favorite must try when eating out as most restaurants will cooked it in their own style. Here, there are lots of vegetables add such as green peas, brinjals, basil leaves, fresh chilli and of course generous amount of pork. The gravy is thick with plenty coconut milk (santan).

Steam Fish in Lime Sauce - RM38

I love Steam fish and will usually order it for my lunch or dinner. When I was young, I will always ask for fish in my meals. It was so much so that my mother will tease me saying, "You better marry a fishmonger when you grow up!" So, coming back to this dish of Steam fish in Lime Sauce, it certainly does not disappoint me. A refreshing aroma of lime did a nice job of covering up the fishy smell and a slight spicy sourish sauce of green chilli and ginger just tops it up to another level. But I would be prefer if more of this sauce is added to the fish.

Thai chilli sauce

Thai food would have been lost if there are no chilli involved especially chilli sauce. So it is worth a mention here that the chilli sauce here is excellent. 

Som Tum Thai (Thai Papaya Salad) - RM10.90

Another typical famous Thai menu is their salad. Fresh unripe papaya are sliced into strips mixed with strips of mango, shallots, dried chilli and fresh chilli padi are tossed in their special tamarind sauce. Chopped peanuts are than sprinkled on top. Lady boss told us that this dish maybe too spicy for local taste but I find it ok. (Maybe because I can eat spicy food, haha)

Tub Tim Grob (Red Ruby Dessert) - RM10.90

Desserts, yes! There is always happiness in desserts for me! Why? Well because it is Stressed spelled backwards. So taking desserts will definitely destress me ^-^ . Tub Tim Grob is my usual must eat dessert because I am fascinated by the red rubies (soft on the outside, hard and crunchy inside). The red rubies are made of cubes of water chestnut coated with tapioca flour. It was cooked before added into the cold coconut milk. Strips of mango are then added on top. Here, at Senthai & Mookata, there are even more ingredients being added such as slices of fresh coconut, lumps of cooked sago and palm seed. I detected a different aroma from the coconut milk, upon enquiring, we were told that imported original candle-scented coconut milk is being used. This imported candle-scented coconut milk actually cost more than local coconut milk. Thus it is an authentic Thai dessert which Thai people would love as the flavor will be just like what they have it back home.

Chan Ma Nao (Thai Iced Lime Tea) -left  and Cha Nom Ron Yen (Thai Ice Milk Tea) -right

Chan Ma Nao (RM4.90) is not any typical lime tea as it has a unique aroma and sourish. Cha Nom Ron Yen (iced-RM6.90, hot-RM7.90) is a thick milk tea but too sweet to my taste. 

Ice Berg Cha Nom ( IceBerg Thai Milk Tea) - RM11.50

The star of beverages in SenThai & Mookata is this IceBerg Thai Milk Tea. The ice cubes are placed outside the glass of milk tea keeping the tea cold all the time without diluting it. This Thai milk tea is another authentic Thai beverage, thick and sweet, just like it's being sold in Thailand.

Here are some of the menu:


Inside this restaurant is spacious as it occupies two shop lots. Decor is brown with wood theme. 

Even the menu book is made of a thick wood cover.


Here I would like to pay tribute to the belated King of Thailand whom I respected very much.

I was invited to review the food above in this restaurant. Verdict, it is suitable for Thai residing in Kuala Lumpur and people who love authentic Thai food as the food.

Lot 1-12 & 1-13, No.1, Jalan Menjalara Idaman,
Plaza Menjalara, Bandar Menjalara
52200 Kepong
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +6012 3339027

Facebook: Senthai & Mookata 

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