My Wishlist with Shopback For the Less Fortunate

"Ice-cream!", "Hello Kitty!", "Remote-controlled car!", "Bicycle!" hmm... this will be the birthday wishlist if you ask kids and toddlers. And as we get older, of course the list would have become more expensive such as cars, houses and overseas holiday! So what's my birthday wishlist? Hmm...I thought hard for sometime, and I think it's time I do something for others instead of the usual I, me and mine philosophy.

First I would like to thank Shopback for giving out prizes upon their 2nd year birthday! Therefore, I would like to do my part of giving back to society just as Shopback giving us back to us (by organizing this contest and giving prizes). My birthday wishlist is to help the less fortunate in society such as the children in orphanage, the old and age in old folks home by donating the prizes (if I get) to these less fortunate friends.

I am new to online shopping, so this is the first time I heard about After my daughter explained to me, I feel that, wow, so we can get cash back with our online purchases. Shopback actually pays us back in CASH after we have shopped through it. Because merchants pay them commission for referring shoppers to them and they in turn give back some to us. So it is like the points I have been collecting on my credit card, but here I paid back in cold CASH. Cool!
Here's how it works. First, install the Shopback app and sign up as a member at

 Then click on the merchants you want to buy from. Do your purchase online as usual. You can get Cashback once your order is validated by merchant. 

You can request for payout once you have reach Redeemable Cashback of a total of RM10.00. Payout can be done to any local bank accounts as shown above. 

The amount of savings can be calculated from the sample given above.

For this birthday wishlist competition, we are to choose our gifts from Shopback merchants. So here is my birthday wishlist: 

1. Matahari Fitted Bedsheets from LAZADA - 15 sets

I would like to donate this to Children orphanage home. Fifteen sets of this colorful bedsheets fitted on 15 single beds would surely brighten up their sleeping quarters! Thus with better sleeping conditions, I am sure they can get a good night's sleep and in return perform better in school!.
LAZADA gives 10% Cashback

 2. Panasonic SD-P104 Breadmaker from LAZADA 

I love to cook, bake and also to share food that I have cooked to others. Therefore for my birthday wishlist, this is a breadmaker where I can make bread and then donate it to Old Folks home or Childrens home.
LAZADA gives 10% cashback 

3. Baida School Backpack from AliExpress - 10 bags 

I like the feature of this bag having so many different colors. If we buy 10 bags in all different colors, the children will not mistaken each other's bag and fight over it in their homes.

Children at Homes normally do not get brand new bags as they get lots of recycled things. So my birthday wishlist is to give them a chance to own a branded and imported bag. At least they are able to carry a nice school bag to school as most of the time they only to admire their classmate's nice brand new bag, dreaming to get one! Let's give them some life and pride!
AliExpress gives 1% Cashback

4. Sharp Air Purifier FPF30LH Plasmacluster (Light Grey) - 2 sets

Old Folks Home, especially the ones run privately and dependent on public donations are congested at times. I have been to one where they say hospitals will telephone them asking for help to take in old folks lost/abandoned there. Some old folks may have asthma, flu and some beds are placed very near to each other. Hence, I feel that there is a need for Air Purifier to help purify the air in the dormitory. One air purifier for female and one for the male section is the best. 
LAZADA gives 10% cashback

5. Genuine Leather Fashion Tide Korean from Qoo10 - 8 sets

Most of us have handphones and we tell time by looking at our handphone. But children at Children's Home do not have the luxury of owning a handphone. So, they need a watch to tell time so that we can train them to be punctual from small. Watches are important to school going children especially during examinations. Therefore, won't it be great if my birthday wishlist can help just 8 school going students from the Children's Home. It will be just a small gesture but the happiness on the children's face would be invaluable. 
Qoo10 gives 10% Cashback

It will indeed be a very meaningful birthday not just for me and also for Shopback. Happiness is being able to give back to society in a small way and sharing good tidings with friends who are less fortunate than us. Some of the Homes that I know of are Pure Life Society, House Of Joy, Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Kajang (KPIK), Rumah Charis-Home for the Aged & Children, Persatuan Kebajikan dan Sosial Kim Loo Ting just to name a few. Any readers who know of any other homes that are in urgent need of funds/help are welcome to let me know by commenting below.

Shopback has been in featured in NST online, The Business Times, The STAR online, BFM, The Retail News Asia, eCommerceMILO, Borneo Post online, SAYS, DNA, Vulcan Post and others.If you do purchases online, why not just do it through, as you will be able to get more discount and received back the cash. Just click, shop, earn and get the payout in CASH!

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  1. Nice, you help to donate to less fortunate ppl. Good luck ya! :)