Ayam Brand celebrates 125 years, Malaysia

Ayam Brand, household name for sardines and beans since I was a kid. That is about 50 years ago, and until today, it is my saviour in the kitchen. I would just open a can of sardine whenever I run out of meat or fish or even time to cook dinner for my family. Well, the best thing is my children also like it very much, especially the Ayam Brand Baked Beans. Just open up a can, pour it into the pan then break an egg inside it. Let it boil and voila, a dish is ready in no time!

This year, Ayam Brand is celebrates 125 years being Part of Malaysian Families, which also coincides with the 60th Merdeka Day and the Lunar Year of the Rooster. "Malaysia has from the time it was the Federation of Malay States, been our heartland. Even our name, 'Ayam', is the Malay word for rooster. Malaysians have grown up with Ayam Brand for asst least five generations - we definitely become part of the family over this time. With this milestone coinciding with the Lunar Year of the Rooster makes it even more prosperous and symbolic" says Mr. Nyeow, the marketing Manager of Ayam Brand.

Ayam Brand gives the assurance of healthier food choices, quick and convenient to prepare without added preservatives or MSG. For Muslim consumers, Ayam Brand products are certified 'Halal' giving Muslim consumers full peace of mind. There is the 'Lite' range for those who prefer options with reduced sugar, fat and sodium. It has a much extensive range of food from sardines, mackerel, tuna, cuttlefish, coconut milk, baked beans, green peas, fruits and desserts. 

Thus the theme for this 125th anniversary is  "We care, We are Family" is aptly named. This prominent logo of Red and Yellow rooster or "Ayam Logo" products is produced over 60 million cans and sold in 30 over countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, China, France and Japan. 

There will be promotions with product of the month and sampling activities on new products would be available at selected outlets.

Ayam Brand is placed in top 10 for past three conssecutive years in 2013, 2014 and 2015 as Malaysia's most chosen FMCG brand ranking list according to Kantar World panel's Bran Footprint Study. In 2009, Ayam Brand was awarded "The Brand Laureate Awards 2008-2009" (the World's Best Brands in the Asia Pacific). For two consecutive years 2005 & 2007, Ayam Brand was ranked top Asian brand of canned food category in a consumer survey by Synovate Research (Asia's Top 1000 Brands) commissioned by Media Magazine Hong Kong.

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Stay Tuned for more recipes on Ayam Brand products soon.

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