Shell-Out Restaurant at APPS Hotel, Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

There are abundance of seafood in Malaysia, thus so do the seafood restaurants/towns, with a few well known ones along the seaside coastal area. For people in the north, there is Tambun for Penangites, south it is Pontian for the Johoreans, and for Kuala Lumpur city folks it is Kuala Selangor and Teluk Gong. I would like to thank Mr. Kishen for the invitation to review this Shell-Out restaurant in Kuala Selangor. Coincidently, ther is another Shell-Out restaurant with the same name.  The first Shell-Out restaurant I review is in Kota Da,mansara, Petaling Jaya, and was also one of my top popular post so far. Check out the post here.

Here, the concept is the same, you eat with your hands, using gloves (without also can). The food is poured onto the table, and that's where the fun begins and as the saying goes, 'It's finger licking good' 

The dish comes withe 4 choices of sauces, Asam Pedas, Butter Lemon, Kam Heong and Original Cajun BBQ. It cost only RM39.90 (exlude GST). I feel that this one dish is alot and can cater to about 3 pax but the rice given is only one bowl, so you can just order extra bowls of rice.

Kam Heong sauce

This has more sauce and full of fragrance  of herbs and spices. It is of average spiciness.

Asam Pedas sauce

This is the most spicy one of the lot. Mind you, if you are a person who can't take spicy food, then better stay out of this dish. There are lots of chilli padi and other spices that can heat up your stomach. Of course taste wise, it is delicious!

Butter Lemon sauce and BBQ Sauce

I would say it is an ideal family choice if you have children. There is buttery flavor and a nice tint of sour lemon for Butter Lemon sauce dish. BBQ sauce dish is also one that can't go wrong anytime, a classic dish that don't go outdated.

Menu for other combo sets

There are ala carte orders which you can choose from. Popular dishes over the past 3 years are Signature Coconut Prawn, Nyonya Steam Fish, Fried Crispy Kangkong, and Homemade Pandan Chicken. Some new recent additions are Cheezy French Fries, Honey Chicken Wings, Calamari Rings, Butterfly Prawns, Melawati Banana Split. 

Signature Coconut Prawn with soft coconut flesh inside the curry!

Fried Crispy Kangkong
This is another must try dish as the kangkong is fried so crispy that it sets everyone guessing what vegetable is used. A lovely snack that is suitable for all, adults and kids alike.

Chef Man and Chef Steven of Shell-Out Restaraunt, Apps Hotel

This Shell-Out restaurant is spacious, of open air concept and can accodomate upo to 700 cusatomers. There are ample parking space, surau facilities, baby chair and wheelchair friendly. 

The seafood is fresh with the concept of 'Sea to Table' whereby all fresh seafood are brought in daily thanks to the partnership with local fisherman. 

Shell-Out restaurant is situated right in the middle of APPS Hotel, a 100 room hotel strategically located in the Kuala Selangor commercial centre. Walking down the the river bank, there are tourist activities such such firefly watching and Eagle feeding boat ride. Eagle feeding is in the evening around 5pm and firefly watching is at night. Therefore, why not take a short weekend holiday to Kuala Selangor, have seafood at Shell-Out, enjoy the eagle feeding and firefly watching and stay the night in APPS Hotel (room price starts from RM65+). It is only 45 minutes drive from Klang Valley using KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR Expressway). 


APPS Hotel
12, Jalan Peninsula Utama 1, 
Peninsula Park
45000, Kuala Selangor

Tel: +603-32772172

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