Canton2go Mini Buffet Delivery makes organizing parties easy

"Headache! Headache! Headache!" my neighbour told me. "Why?" I asked. "My girl, Asanthi wants to have a birthday party. She thinks cooking all the food is easy ar?" she said. "Hmm.. you can order from this Canton2go. It is a mini buffet delivery, suitable for birthday parties, office gatherings, full moon or housewarming with free cutlery, table cloth". I answered.

"Sounds great, Asanthi will be happy. How do I go about it?" "Just go to, choose your dishes from a wide range of 50 dishes, and it is RM380 for ten pax for 9 types (choose 7 dishes, and either one fried rice or fried meehoon and one fruits). Order can be made just one day ahead of your party" 

I was invited to review this Online Mini Buffet Food Delivery service at Sunway Velocity Mall. All the food comes nicely packed in containers. The nine types of food served on that time are as follows: 

Grill Prawn Skewer 串烧明虾

This is my favourite dish, the prawns are well seasoned, skewered and deep fried in batter to perfection. The amazing thing is I can just eat the whole prawns from the top head to the tail. Hmm...this is better than popping calcium pills because shells from seafood gives calcium.

Curry Chicken With Potato 咖喱马铃薯鸡

This curry chicken comes in a container and the curry sauce is separately packed in another  smaller container inside. This is a good idea so as the meat and whole dish will not become soggy.

You only pour the sauce at the time when you want to serve. Then give it a thorough mix. In this way, the whole dish will be just nice for guest when they arrive.

Fried Egg With Glass Noodle & Ham桂花銀丝炒蛋

4 Types of Bean with XO Sauce XO醬四大天王

Sweet & Sour Fillet 甜酸炸鱼片

Salted Egg Meat Ball 咸蛋凤凰球

I love this dish. I would definitely order this dish if I see it in any restaurant. Well seasoned minced meat balls with the yolk of a salted egg inside. Deep Fried to the right temperature, the combination of delicious minced meat and the saltiness of the crumbly egg yolk is just heavenly to me. A delectable dish and highly recommended.

Lemon Sauce chicken is also an all time favourite especially with children. This dish also comes with a separate container for the lemon sauce and you only pour it in when serving so that the crispy chicken skin will not become soggy. A very presentable dish for any gathering or party.

Lemon Sauce Chicken 柠檬鸡排

The above 7 dishes can be chosen from a total of 50 dishes from the menu in the home page of this 
online mini buffet canton2go website  here 

Fried Rice With Egg 蛋炒饭

Fruits - Red Dragon Fruit and Pineapple

How to order? Choose from 3 dishes the meat section, 2 dishes from the seafood section, 2 dishes from vegetables section and choose one from either fried rice or fried meehoon section. The fruits given are according to seasonal timing. 

Standard 3 types of sauce given along with the order of 1 set of mini buffet (10 pax ) They are from left: 1. Chilli sauce 2. Chilli padi with soy sauce 3. Thousand Island sauce

The food for 10 pax mini buffet delivery will be sent in two bags as shown above. Ordering is available for a set of 10 pax of RM380 each set, meaning if you need 30 pax buffet, you order 3 times (3 X 10 ) and they will send 6 bags of food to you. Therefore you can serve 21 types of food dishes in your buffet gathering ( 7 x 3 = 21 ) or just the same 7 types of dishes but you can refill it three times slowly as the dish finishes. This is the flexibility and advantage that you can control. 

Cutlery is also given so you don't have to worry about whether your house got enough cutlery or rush to the supermarket to buy disposable cutleries. A large table cloth is also included in this mini buffet set. Therefore after you have finished your party, just wrap up everything with the tablecloth and throw it away. Simple and easy and no worries about cleaning up, right?

"Wow, sounds good. I can even add some simple light snacks and dessert such as jelly with the time saved on cooking theses tough main dishes" said my neighbour. "Yes, and you also got more free time to entertain your guest during the event itself." I added. 

Now this is another great option for us busy working people when we want to have any party, gathering, fullmoon, birthday, housewarming or even a seaside picnic! It is hassle free, just log-in order a day before and it will delivered to you half an hour before your appointed time. Easy isn't it? 

Canton2go Mini Buffet 



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