OriginalCake, famous Taiwan freshly baked egg cake, Sunway Velocity Mall, Cheras, KL

Long queues, with some waited for almost 3 hours! The latest craze and food fad is now with this OriginalCake from Taiwan! 

Yes, we love imported goods, novelties and even food from other countries, especially Korea, Japan and now Taiwan. Bubble tea is the first famous beverage from Taiwan with Chatime business doing very well and until recently there's a name change. Now it is this OriginalCake from Taiwan! I heard about this crazy long queue of people waiting to buy this special cake and queueing up for about 1-3 hours for it!

Curious about this OriginalCake from Taiwan, I went to Sunway Velocity Mall to have a look. True enough there, there are rows cordon off just like in the bank for people to queue. Of course, my daughter was the one to quickly join in the queue patiently. There are about 25 people in front of her and it took about 30 minutes for us to buy it. Not bad. I think the best time to go is the afternoon in a week day. Saturday and Sunday is the worst and also try not  to be the first one in the morning, as they have to take some time to prepare the batter.

OriginalCake is from Tamsui District, Taiwan and started six years ago in the old street. Now it has 3 shops in Tamsui District, one in Shihlin, Taipei and our Malaysian shop here is the 5th one, opened in Sunway Velocity on the 4 February 2017.

It is actually like the old fashioned traditional egg sponge cake that we make here. Made from a mixture of eggs, milk, flour and sugar, the cake smell of aromas of eggs and slightly milky scent. the texture is soft, fine and bouncy but abit on the dry side. It is just slightly sweet therefore if you eat the outside brown color of the cake, it is just tasteless. 

At present, only two flavors are sold in Sunway Velocity outlet, That is the original flavor and cheese flavor. 

RM15.00 per piece

The Original flavor is like ordinary sponge egg cake, soft fluffy. As a person who do not like the thick skin of outer layer of cakes, hence I feel that this is just a normal egg sponge cake with thick brown skin outside.

I feel that this cheese flavor is better because there is the saltiness of the cheese that heightens the otherwise plain the plain egg sponge cake.

RM20.00 per piece

Small pieces of cheese are sprinkled on top of the cheese flavor original cake and pieces of cheddar cheese are placed inside the cake. Better to eat it hot so as to enjoy the sticky creamy cheese inside this cake. I heard that other flavors are sold in Taiwan, such as Almond and Nuts, Cranberry, Banana Milk, Healthy Dried Longan and Pork floss layer. 

The oven is big, therefore a big tray of cake can be baked inside. A tray of cake can be cut into 10 pieces. Each piece is about 13 x 20 cm (my estimate) and packed into a box. Each customer is allowed to buy a maximum of 2 pieces only.

I like this packaging of white theme, which is a nice white box and they even provide a white plastic bag for each piece of cake. As stated, it has to be refrigerated and consume within 3 days.

My verdict, this cake is a normal egg sponge cake. Of course it has a very fragrant aroma as in any egg sponge cake so does our traditional kuih "bahulu". It is a bit to the dry side, but maybe the softness of the texture is the plus point. I feel that it is not worth it if you were to queue for over an hour, but well since it is the latest craze and fad, I am sure many people just love to do it.

 (same row as Sushi Zanmai)
 Lot. 3-29, 3rd Floor, Sunway Velocity Mall
Lingkaran SV, 
55100, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 016-9969831

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