Mini Sardine Buns with Ayam Brand Sardine

Here's a simple idea of mini burgers made just from a small tin of sardines. A fast and convenient meal, yet delicious and filling. It is made from just some basic ingredients such as onions, cucumber, tomatoes, celery and a tin of Ayam Brand sardine in olive oil and chilli. 

Here's the recipe for Mini Sardine Buns 


One Red Onion
One Tomato
A stalk of celery
A small cucumber ( here I use half as it is too big)
One small tin of Sardine in Olive and Chilli (120g)
Plain baby buns or mini buns (available in Tesco or Giant) 

1. Slice the tomato, cucumber and onion
2. Cut the stalks of the celery finely, leaving the leaves intact.

3. Put the sardines in a small pot, add in the finely sliced celery stalk.

4. Cook over a stove of medium fire until it boiled. Stir it a few times. Cool the cooked sardine

5. Cut the mini buns into half, apply margarine on it. 
6. Then put in some of the cooked sardine, followed by sliced tomato, cucumber, onions and celery. Enjoy!

This mini buns is very easy to make and can be eaten for breakfast, teatime and sahur (as now its Bulan Ramadan). 

Ayam brand sardines are naturally rich in Omega 3, calcium, with no MSG or preservatives added. For making this mini buns and sandwiches, I would normally buy Ayam Brand because it does not have the strong fishy smell and I can see the big pieces of sardine fishes inside the tin. 

This is a sponsored Ayam brand product but the recipe is my original one. 

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