Food in Cameron Highlands, Charcoal Steamboat

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia is a hill resort where locals went up for fresh strawberries and vegetables. I recently went to Brinchang in Cameron Highlands for a short holiday. Brinchang is 1450 meters above sea level thus it is cooler than Kuala Lumpur. It has been a few years ago since I last went up to Cameron Highlands and I was surprised at the changing food scene there. 

Brinchang is the highest town in Cameron Highlands, after Ringlet and Tanah Rata. In the evening, the temperature can drop to 18-20C, so most chinese restaurants in town serves steamboat. There are a row of Chinese restaurants offering normal gas and charcoal steamboat. As I walk around, the restaurateurs are canvassing outside their restaurants with the menu in hand. Prices are like RM 45 - RM50 for two pax, with extra free vegetables. 

"It is cold here, try lah our steamboat, eating steamboat will make you warm". Ok, Finally, we are convinced, and in we go to try. Since most of the menu of a few of the restaraunts looks almost the same we just walk into Hong Kong Hotel & Restoran for their charcoal steamboat.

The food for two pax at RM45. It is actually enough and we didn't add extra vegetables 

There are 3 types of soup available: Herbal, Tom Yam and Chicken. For normal gas stove steamboat, you can choose 2 types but for charcoal steamboat, can choose only one type.

It was fun seeing the real charcoal burning in front of me...... like ancient times where our mothers and grandmothers cook.

This charcoal steamboat looks interesting with the real charcoal burning and a tall chimney on top for the heat to go out. The chimney sits snuggly on top of the steamboat pot and not tied to anything at the top. 

It was a good dinner and the heat from this charcoal steamboat does keep me warm. I do not sweat a lot as what I would do if I eat steamboat in this hot weather in Kuala Lumpur. The total bill comes to RM49.20 with chinese tea for two. 
Personal opinion: This charcoal steamboat is not advisable for families with children as children are very active and mobile, and I am worried about this tall chimney. But it is definitely an unique experience worth trying. 

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  1. their charcoal steamboat in cameron is like everywhere... does it really affect the taste of the food tho?