Eggette Lab, Egg Waffle, Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia

I passed by Eggette Lab many times and saw long queues. A Hong Kong Snack also known as the famous Hong Kong style Egg Waffle.  "Is it nice meh?" I thought to myself. "Maybe it is just like our local bahulu kuih made from eggs and flour". But I couldn't resist it last night at Sunway Pyramid when the sweet aroma of eggs was so strong when I walk pass by this Eggette Lab.

Bicolor Eggette- chocolate and original - RM6.90

Then as my girl and I was walking near, we overheard a small girl pulling her mother's hand and said, ' Mummy, I want this small little eggs! Its so cute!' Hmm.. this immediately prompt my daughter to say to me 'Let's buy, mummy' Haha.

To order, first you have to tell the counter what type you want, pay and given a queue number. Then wait for your queue number to appear on the screen to collect your eggette immediately after it is cooked. The cashier told us I need to wait for 10 minutes for my order. Ok, we just go for a walk to browse at some of the clothes in the Asian Avenue then. This Eggette Lab is situated just at the entrance to Asian Avenue at Sunway Pyramid. 

It is best to best to eat this eggette when it is hot. I find it very crispy and interesting as I can easily break a small eggette and put it in my mouth. I am sure kids would love it very much. Smells very nice as our very own kuih Bahulu but much more crispy. The plus point is there are other flavours and filings that can be added into it. I can taste the melted chocolate in my mouth for the chocolate flavour eggette. Lovely! I am sure other flavors are just as nice but its just I didn't buy it so can't tell you about it. 

Who can resist a sweet snack especially when it is so cute? It is quite a big piece and we bought the bicolor of original and chocolate. No matter what age, a snack is always a welcome dessert, and eating sweet snack makes our body releases endorphins - hormone that gives us a happy feeling. (No wonder my girl and I love snacks and desserts a lot). Very true, so big or small let's continue snacking away!! 

The prices are original flavor is RM4.80, Green Tea - RM5.90, Chicken floss-RM6.40, Bicolor (original with chocolate or charcoal)-RM6.90, Tricolor - RM7.80, Coffee Caramel - RM7.50 . Now latest is Lemang Rendang Ayam - RM7.90 and golden Custard Eggette RM8.80

Here's a short clip of how it's made:

There are many outlets in Klang Valley shopping malls such as Sunway Pyramid Mall, I Utama, IOI City Mall, Pavilion, Mid Valley and Gurney Plaza in Penang. 

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