Family cutie, regal queen, family pet cat Miu

Miu Miu is the most pampered member of our family. She gets the most hugs, cuddles, pats, kisses and attention from everyone. 

Born in October 2009, she was from a big family of 7 siblings. Given to me from my dear friend, Anis Ayuni, she is now 8 years old but effectively she is 48 years in human years. This is considered to be in mature age for a cat (refer to here )

When she came into our family, our dog Nikki is still around. But somehow they got along fine, with Nikki accepting her and giving in to her. Nikki will not bite or bark at her and move away when Miu is near. And of course Miu will always get the upper hand, more attention and leeway than Nikki. 

Miu Miu now has the full attention and love of all members of our family after Nikki passed away of old age. 

The first thing my girls would do when they reach home after work is to look for this family queen Miu. They will then hug and kiss her and will then carry her upstairs to their bedrooms. At night, before going to bed, they will also look for her and carry her into the bedrooms to sleep together. Miu loves Aircon, so whichever room has aircon switched on, she will sit our the bedroom door and meow softly lovingly asking you to open the door for her to walk inside. In the morning if i were to sleep late, she knows  it's late, she will then sit outside my bedroom room door and start to meow and purr calling me to wake up.

Miu is also a very demanding queen. She loves to get involve in our daily activities such as reading newspaper. She will grab the newspaper from me and wants to flip it herself.

Me, Me, let me flip the pages for you!

Ohh, she also wants to be a financial career advisor and says 'you must read to me also' by sitting on top of laptop.

Miu loves to sleep with us. Her favourite style is lying on your arm and with one hand holding on. 

Do not disturb, I am going to sleep, she says......

Fast asleep and her mommy would hold still dare not even move so as not to wake her up. Oh yes, My daughters are Miu Miu's mommy and I am her grandmother. It has to be their responsibility as they are the ones who wanted to have a pet cat in the first place. 

This is my usual sleeping spot, your arm is my pillow!

Miu would snuggle up to me only whenever I take my afternoon nap. At night, she will sleep with  her mommy Jocelyn. 

On days when I don't take nap in the afternoon, she will just crawl and pull whatever it on the bed of my girl's room and squeeze herself into the comforter to literally make herself comfortable. 

My cat Miu can talk to me. Every morning whenever I open my daughter's bedroom door, she will be the one to greet me with a low pitch purr like a soft deep throaty rumble something like a "ahngiau". Miu Miu is actually a very talkative cat and when she is younger, her vet told us that you have got a noisy talkative cat. No wonder she will greet me in the the morning with this deep throaty rumble purr. She will continue to if I answer back, and this talking will go back and forth for sometime. 

Miu Miu is also an avid traveller. She just love to be packed into travelling luggage bags. This is what happens whenever I pack for my travels. She will be the first one to go in. The down side is she also like to scratch the sides of my luggage bag. Whenever this happens, I will shout at her "You naughty Miu, don't scratch!" and she will quickly run away. 

Having a pet cat is very much easier to take care of as compared to a dog. For dogs, we have to give them exercise by taking them out for walks. Dogs need a lot of our attention and regular feeding time. As for cats, I will put her litter box in a corner. She will just go to urinate and do her poop business whenever she wants. 

Just put some old newspapers around her litter box. Put in the fine perfumed clumping sand into her litter box.

Cats by nature knows that it has to cover up its poop with sand after it has done its business. So there are no smell and you don't have cats poop every where in the house. Oh yes My Miu Miu will be given a bath every two weeks once.  The same goes for feeding her. I will just put her dry food in her tray and she will just go eat it herself whenever she is hungry. 

Being part of our family, Miu Miu is always being photographed with birthday girl. This is the first part of my pet cat Miu Miu's story. There's more to come in future blogposts. 

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