TR Fire Grill, Pavilion KL, Malaysia

Now here's a different type of lava cake! We have seen lots of latest new volcano dessert where the lava flows out only when its cut. This is a special Malaysianize dessert where you have the volcano with gula Melaka lava on top in its crater. The volcano will flow out with your delicate bite or cut. This santan gula Melaka is just as we cook it at home yet it is served in this high class Western restaurant, TR Fire Grill at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

TR Fire Grill is located in Pavilion, one of the iconic shopping malls in Malaysia, on the Level 6. TR Fire Grill is a seasonally inspired, chef driven American bistro with a passion for crafting fresh, artisanal dishes and culinary experiences and originated from Florida, USA. A subsidiary of Tony Roma's, TR Fire Grill serves a unique chef inspired artisan dishes with usual combination of food and artisan dishes that  will ignite everyone's taste buds. Therefore I am happy to be invited to this food tasting session at this new (2 months old) TR Fire Grill restaurant.

Inside is big spacious with 5,242 square feet, elegantly decorated with various types of seatings.

Suitable for functions and private celebrations as it can seat more than 180 guests. There are two TVs, a cigar room and includes a full bar for guests to enjoy TR Fire & Grill's award-winning craft cocktails and extensive wine and beer offerings.

Special seatings where guests can enjoy the natural view outside Pavilion.

It is also a cigar room! Notice the special ventilation pipes? In my opinion, it is an all well blended space for guest comfort of dining, wine, beer and a puff.

Grilled Corn "Off The Cob" - RM6

A combination of grilled corn, spicy green peppers with cilantro lime butter sauce. I love corn so this is a lovely simple addictive appetizer indeed!

Oven Baked Pizza Dip - RM25

Wow, another special pizza with a twist. Cheese lovers, this is your must try dish! No more just the boring style of eating pizza wedges. The cheese smell will get you drooling once this dish is taken out. It is made from 3 types of cheese, buffalo mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan cheeses, together with beef pepperoni, garlic and focaccia bread. How to eat? Just dip the bread.

Chicken & Waffles - RM36

Chicken & Waffles, I was wondering how would it be when I saw the menu from the invitation. My guess is will it be the normal minced meat chicken placed on waffles? To my surprise, it is this big piece of fried chicken tuck in between Belgian waffles, interesting!

This is how you eat, first place the chicken on top of the waffle then cut it, eating the chicken together with the waffle. I find the chicken meat is tender and juicy, which Chef Bashir later explained that this is because the chicken has been brined for more than 18 hours. No wonder! The waffle is sprinkled with agave syrup. ( most agave syrup is from Mexico and South Africa) This dish is definitely worth a try and it's a big portion that can be shared by 4 pax.

Smoked Meatloaf - RM36

Another of my favourite meat loaf dish as it is soft and full of flavours. It is made from a mixture carrots, onions basil and rib and chuck meat. Chef Bashir added that it is then steam baked, smoked for 30 minutes and then seared. No wonder it passes my fussy tongue and its my fav. Another worth mention is the smashed potatoes which is very original from red potatoes with some lumps and the skin.

Salmon & Zoodles - RM59

This is a new crafted dish where salmon is paired with zucchini pasta, asparagus, sweet red peppers, green apples, feta cheese and top with pistachio Romesco sauce.

Oven Roasted Half Chicken - RM34

Lemon spice rub, pumpkin basmati rice and side with broccoli spear.

Chocolate Mayhem - small RM26, large RM46

This is a luxurious dessert any sweet tooth Chocolate and ice-cream lovers would die for. Chocolate cake, coconut caramel sauce, chocolate mousse, Snickers bar, dark chocolate espresso beans, coffee and chocolate ice creams. A local version of the lava on top is made from coconut milk and fragrant local gula melaka. A must try and the small size can cater to 2-4 small eaters as the portion served is big.

Cucumber Strawberry Freeze - RM17

Well it's definitely a good ending with this refreshing cucumber freeze. Frozen, blended fresh cucumber, fresh lemon and lime juices topped with frozen pureed strawberry.  

Ladies are able to get their complimentary endless Sangria when they dine-in on weekdays from 5pm- 9pm. TR Fire & Grill presents some artisan chef crafted dishes which is worth trying and the overall portions are big. For more details: 

TR Fire Grill
Lot: 6.01.06 Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala LUmpur

Tel: +603-2110 0944

Opening Hours: 10am - 11pm

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