Norwegian Trolls and Fløyen, Norway

By Lifesecretspice: Travel and Food - October 12, 2017

I love reading fairy tales, fables and mystical stories when I was young. Trolls stories usually gives me creeps as they eat anything that they can get their hands on including stones, livestock and humans. Myths about Trolls are popular in Scandinavian folklore and Norwegian trolls are know to live in the mountains. Therefore, I was elated to be able to go up the Floyen mountain and hear my tour guide tell the stories about norwegian trolls.

Trolls got huge hands and big toes. This huge troll is definitely a friendly one, smiling, shaking hands and lets the children climb on him. 

I plug up my courage to take a photo with it together with my tour guide at Floyen. This is at the playground, so no worries, but....

.....walking further into the mountain, I stumble upon Trollskogen! (Trollskogen is enchanted forest with gnarled windswept pines and old oaks with wide crowns and ivy running along the ground and up the tree trunks)

OMG, it is scary, dark and the ground is damp. Norwegian folklore says trolls love to stay in dark places. There are a few more standing inside and hiding among the trees but this is as far as I can go! I quickly snap a photo and run..... (photo has been edited, original was actually much darker)

Amazing View from Floyen mountain

Fløyen is one of the city mountains in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway, and one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Fløyfjellet is the name of the mountain top. It is 399 m above sea level. Looking over the Bergen city centre. ( quote Wikipedia)  

School children queuing up out the station to take the funicular train. The smiling red hair girl must be very happy to go up and looking forward to see the trolls

To go up Floyen mountain, we have to take the funicular train. The Fløibanen funicular opened for passengers on 15th of January 1918. There are two carriages since the early 1950s, the blue one is named Blåmann (Blueman) and Rødhette (Little Red Ridinghood). (

Red Ridinghood -  The red funicular train my tour group took to go up Floyen

View along the funicular train route.

People enjoying the view on top of Floyen mountain

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