La Fiesta, Spanish Food in the Sky, Genting Highlands

Walking around Sky Avenue, this restaurant with wine drums, round arches, open kitchen and dazzling lights of La Fiesta caught my eye. 'Fiesta' is Spanish word for festival or celebration, therefore it makes me very curious as I have been on a tour to Spain before. 
So here I am, very happy to try the food in La Fiesta, thanks to the invitation by Resorts World Genting.  Being a foodie at heart, I will now start off with Paella, Spanish style rice. Rice is our staple food, so it is something we all can relate to, but Spanish paella is cooked very differently from ours. Paella is a traditional Spanish dish where the rice is slow cooked in a shallow pan until a crispy, caramelized crust is formed at the base. The ingredients are added inside the rice and cooked together so that the flavours goes into the rice. La Fiesta offers both gourmet and rustic variants of paella, with a signature Canadian lobster version, and the more common squid ink option.

Black Seafood Paella - RM98

Squid ink infused bomba rice and is slow cooked in seafood broth with prawns and cuttlefish. Looks black in color which may be a turnoff for some, but the taste is actually very good! 

Pork & Chicken Paella - RM78
This one is more similar to our palette, and I can just wobble it down non-stop. Cooked with Spanish essence paprika bomba rice, slow cooked with chicken broth with a mixture of pork and chicken pieces.

The pride of this place is Spanish Iberico pig. Iberico pig is a rare breed, found only in Spain, dating back to the cavemen of the Iberian Peninsula. Fed with its acorn-rich diet, this heavily-marbled meat is made into the renowned Iberico ham, which has a rich nutty flavour. The best of Iberico ham (jamon) is available in La Fiesta such as the Jamon Iberico, Chorizo Iberico (sausage) and Salchichon Iberico (summer sausage) platters

Jamon de Bellota- 100% Iberico

Spain has over 30 cheese cheesemaking regions across the country, with each region protected and regulated on the aspect of production ranging from which hills animals can graze on, to how humid the curing room can be. On La Fiesta's cheese board is the creamy and intense Tortas De Casar which is produced from raw milk from the Merino and Entrefino sheep. For those who like a decadently rich and creamy cheese, it's Arzua-Ulloa cheese (produced using pasteurized cow's milk),from the region of Galicia, northwestern corner of Spain. There are also other stellar cheese choices such as nutty Garrocha, smoky semi-soft Diazabal, blue semi-soft Carales, the famed bitey semi-hard Manchego and the delightfully balanced Petit Nevat with earthy, mushroomy flavour.

Mix Iberico cuts and selected cheese - RM98

Tapas is a must eat in Spanish restaurant. La Fiesta offers a wide selection of tapas from pescados (seafood), vegetarianas (vegetarian), carnas (meat) to Gazpachos (tomato soup)

 Calamares A La Andaluza - RM28
This dish looks plain, but it's the fastest to go empty... everyone seems to enjoy the soft succulent deep-fried calamari. Eaten with a dip of garlic mayonnaise can put you to seventh heaven.

Albondigas Con Sepia - RM36

It is made made of pork and beef with cuttlefish and crispy fried onions on the side. The meat balls is soft, and I can see and taste the meat pieces inside.

Patatas Bravas - RM18
At first I thought it is a tofu dish but no, it is a dish of  potatoes in spiced tomato sauce. Tasty and easy to eat, this is definitely a must order if you are dining with kids.

Pulpo A Feira - RM45

 Wow, La Fiesta is really good in cooking octopus! Looks simple, but the octopus is cooked to the right temperature that it is literally melts in the mouth. A highly recommended dish for octopus lovers!

 Gambas Al Ajillo - RM29
Garlic prawns poached in olive oil a healthy dish for all in the family.

Tapas is usually accompanied by a glass of wine. La Feista has extensive wine list headed by cava. Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) is made the same way champagne is produced, but with different types of grapes used such as Macabeu, Parella and Xarello. Cava selections include Freixenet Cordon Negro, Freixenet Malvasia, Segura Viudas Gran Cuvee and Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad.

There are also an extensive drinks and cocktail selection - sangrias, punched, craft beers and artisanal tonics, coffee and sodas.


Sangria is a Spanish traditional drink started off by the poor in the old days. As they can't afford to drink so much red wine, thus a mixture of fruits are added into it and sweetened with sugar and orange juice. Usually fruits are peaches, nectarines, berries, apples, pears, lemon and melon.

Live demonstration of heating up the wine for the Sangria by La Fiesta manager, Isaac Hayoun Cabellero.

After hearing so much about Sangria when I was in Spain and unable to taste it due to the tight schedule of my tour package, I am happy that I am able to taste it at La Fiesta. Verdict? I immediately fell in  love with it! The whole concoction has just the right proportion in the Sangria here.

A jug of Sangria ready to be served!

Crema Catalana - RM 16

Dessert, oh yes dessert! My favourite time of dish has arrived. La Fiesta offers two types of Postres (desserts) that is Crema Catalana and Torrija. Crema Catalana is caramelized custard cream. I can't stop digging into it as it is like creme brulee but less sweet. I have so much fun knocking at the top caramelized layer.

Step into La Fiesta for a taste of Spanish food and the feel of being in Barcelona.

La Fiesta offers many different styles of seating, cozy, intimate, to long tables for small parties and functions. It is big, spacious with 85 seating capacity. There is an open kitchen right next to the doorway and it is from here where Spanish's signature flavours emerge.

A short clip on the interior of La Fiesta:

La Fiesta adds a new dimension and option in dining at Sky Avenue on international level. Guests to Resorts World Genting will be able to savor the flavors of Spain from the famous tapas, iberico and the authentic traditional Sangria!

Opening hours:
Saturday and Sunday - 11 am to midnight
Monday to Thursday - 12 noon to 10 pm
Friday & Public holidays - 12 noon to midnight

La Fiesta 
Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting, 
69000 Genting Highlands Resort, Pahang

+603 6105 2724 

 Or Visit

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