Snow World Genting, Winter Wonderland, Malaysia

I had the opportunity to visit the newly reopened Snow World in Resorts World Genting last week. Situated at Level 2, First World Plaza, there were lots of people queuing at the entrance. 

The glittering lights keeps the spirit high and my girl is full of anticipation. 

The first stop the entrance is the place where we can choose the jackets of our own size. The tickets bought were inclusive of jackets, shoes and gloves. So, next is the shoe counter to take shoes by telling them what size we wear, and then to adjacent counter to take the gloves. Yes, there are lockers for us to keep bags, shoes and other valuables/belongings. is -10 degrees Celsius so better button up your jacket!

Snow World is the largest indoor winter wonderland in Malaysia with 22.8k square feet.

Strolling along the streets, as fairy light twinkle from above, there's French bakery, Dutch's clogs, Italian pizzeria, English Tea shops showcasing world heritage concept for photos.

Many families are happily posing and taking snap shots for Facebook, Instagram and as well as for remembrance of happy times.

There are small mounds of snow suitable for photos but I wish there are more snow for people to play with!

We have to climb up to the upper level where more surprises of different scenes await us but I am unable to take good photos because of poor lighting and my camera freezes due to the cold ):

Here's a video of Snow World.

Opening hours: 9.30 am - 11.20 pm
Duration: 30 minutes  (I stayed for 20 minutes only)
For more info:
Call: +603 6101 1118 or 

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