Fun at Movie Town Haikou (海口电影公社), Hainan Island Tour 2

By Lifesecretspice: Travel and Food - April 05, 2018

Movie Town Haikou (海口电影公社) is a vast man made town divided into two main sections. I enjoyed the walk inside and couldn't help snapping away non-stop. 

Main entrance to Movie Town Haikou

First photo shoot before entering is this gigantic domes

Featuring major entertainment and commercial this movie town was inspired from architectural designs of Director Feng's popular movies such as "Back to 1942", "Tangshn Earthquake" and "If You Are the One"

This movie town is huge of 930,000 meters square, showcasing six professional movies studios, as well as numerous cafes, cinema, bar, dinning, entertainment, shopping and hotel facilities.

The most interesting section of this movie town to me is the street where I discover people dressed in different costumes to take photos.

This is a very good pose of the 80's era.

 The shop where military uniforms can be rented for photography

Classic photo!

Lots of kids friendly stuffs

Various cartoon characters for photography!

Movie Town Haikou is beside Misson Hills Haikou Golf Resort and has become a movie and television series filming location.

I took a 4 days 3 nights Hainan Island tour package (Haikou, Qiong Hai, Sanya) from Malaysia which costs RM1988 inclusive of air flight, hotels, entrance and boat rides and meals.
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