Nights of Fright 6 @ Sunway Lagoon

October is the time of the month again where the thrill-seekers will brave through countless horrors that awaits them in the Malaysia’s biggest and scariest festival, Night of Fright 6! I have been going to Night of Fright festival since it started and it has been one of the best experience I had for scary festival. Night of Fright launched in 2013 and since then it has been a go to place for horror seekers to enjoy a good frights, fears, scares and screams!

I went to the Night of Fright 6 on the first day of the opening and it has massive amount of people! Tons of people lining up to enter Sunway Lagoon and everyone has a good frights from the monsters and ghosts that constantly roaming around Sunway Lagoon. There are 6 new horror house /attractions and most of the attractions are packed with long lines of queue. I would recommend to get an express pass which will help to cut short the queue time and you can spend more time taking pictures ith the monsters. 

There are many new haunted attractions namely Wendigo - The Legend in the Mist, Phobia: Coulrophobia - The fear of Clowns, Slaughterhouse 13, Zombie Zoo, Scarytales Theater, Ghost Face - The face to make you screen in UV3D, Ghostbuster and many more. There are also instagrammable places (scare zones) where monsters and ghosts roam. You can catch the live shows and performances that are available throughout the park at every 30 minutes.

Night of Fright 6 will be open on every Friday to Sunday and the 31st October (Wednesday) from 7.30pm to 11.30pm. You can get the tickets online or via Sunway Lagoon ticketing counter. They have a range of ticketing prices that cater to different groups of people. The list of prices are as stated below:

a) Normal Rate - RM69 per person (with bloodbag or devil’s horn)
b) Express Combo – RM114 per person (express pass + bloodbag or devil’s horn)
c) Hell Fest Combo – RM79 per person (NOF6 tickets + Hell Fest movie tickets) (till 10 October 2018)
d) Passport Member’s Deal – RM45 per person (walk-in only)
e) In-Park Guest – RM45 per person (walk-in only)

I would highly recommend taking the Express Combo if you want to fully enjoy all the attractions in the Night of Fright 6. 

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