Sunset Romantic Dinner at Lovoyage, D'Pine Cafe at Marina Island Pangkor

There are sounds of 'ooh and aahs' and whistles 'fweet!' from my media friends when we set eyes on Lovoyage, at D'Pine Cafe. It was such a romantic setting for dinner with the natural sunset in the background! 'I wish  to have my wedding here!' exclaimed another friend. 

D'Pine Cafe is at Rockbund Fishing Chalet, Marina Island Resort. Rustic, serene, romantic, coupled with fantastic sea view! 'Lovoyage is a word blend of love and voyage'. 

Love is in the air, love is all around! 'We wish your journey to be filled with abundant love and happiness.' says the management ♡♡♡ 

 "The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love" Hubert H Humphery.
 Yes! So a selfie to a love one faraway is a must!

A lovely view with love at Lovoyage and sunset in the back ground

"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone" Orson Welles.

Now let me introduce this delectable fine dining food!
Starter is Seafood Abbuzzle  
It comprises assorted succulent seafood that is so fresh that I can taste the sweetness in it. This Italian spiced tomato soup was simply heavenly, not too spicy with the correct blend of flavours.

There is a choice of 3 main course of Lamb, Chicken and pasta. 
Lamb Pojarski
So we each ordered differently according to our choice. I took the Chicken and Selina ate lamb. This is polish style crusted lamb  served with saute vegetables and savoury baked potatoes. The lamb is delicious and well seasoned. My friend, Mu said this is one of the best lamb he has tasted. 

 Baked Chicken Gremolata
 A healthy dish indeed, as it is a baked dish meaning less oily and with the flavors sealed inside. Tender chicken and ham was rolled up with stuffed vegetables inside.  eautiful presentation which matches with the equally aromatic chicken and ham. It was served with home style baked potatoes and a dash of creamy sauce which provides a balance so that this dish is not too dry. I enjoyed this baked chicken very much and may try to cook it at home ^-^  

 Pasta Cape Sante
This pasta is has variety of seafood such as big prawns, scallops and mussels. Fiery succulent seafood is cooked with spiced squid ink spaghetti. Tastes just as good as it looks, and full of love.

French Opera Cake
The star of the night is the Dessert. Yes a dessert that had us asking for second helping but was told there's no more. Looks like a normal layer cake, but looks can be deceiving. Soft and moist, it is made of fluffy layers of espresso flavoured sponge cake topped with alternating layers of dark chocolate ganache and coffee french butter cream. Highly recommended dish. 

Complete silence as everyone of us was savoring and enjoying the dishes

What is the secret recipe for such delectable meal? Love! Yes ,we were feted with so much love at Lovoyage, as stated in this love recipe:
*11 cups of love *7 cups of loyalty *4 barrel of laughter *2 cups of kindness *2 gallons of communication *2 bowls of understanding *5 pints of friendship *3 spoonful of hope *dash of faith *pinch of forgiveness *dash of thoughtfulness 
♡ Take love and loyalty and mix it thoroughly with faith. ♡ Blend in kindness, communication and understanding. ♡ Add in friendship and hope. ♡ Sprinkle abundantly with luaghter. ♡ Garnish with forgiveness. ♡ Decorate with thoughtfulness. ♡ Simmer with sunshine. ♡ Serve daily with generous helping
Nutritional Value
Oh ya, as for the nutritional value, this is interesting. All was fully charged! Hahaha.......Yes! Indeed a love recipe that should be distributed to everyone and have it framed and hung in the kitchen of every household. Love creates peace and harmonious society!

The set dinner as mention above is RM98 per pax, but minimum pax is 20. D'Pine Cafe serves local and Western cuisine.

Seating inside D'Pine Cafe, simple yet alluring.

D'Pine Cafe is at Rockbund Fishing Chalet facing a stunning sea view. Be sure to go for the sunset which is unbelievably colorful.

This place is suitable for wedding dinner, anniversary, wedding proposal setting, romantic getaway and peaceful relaxing holiday for two or family gathering. Seaside wedding reception is also variable. Special request, settings and decorations can be made in advance.

For more details:
Tel: +6017 5741800

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