Awesome Activities on Marina Island Resort, Pangkor with Tourism Malaysia Media trip

Marina Island Resort, Pangkor? When I first heard of this name, I was confused. Because first, Marina is dock or basin with moorings and supplies for yachts and small boats (from Wikipedia). And Pangkor is a famous tourist island in Perak. I have visited and took many photos of Marinas from many places in the world such as Australia, UK, US, China and the views are beautiful with yachts of different sizes and shapes. So, here we are, imagine the boom of two scenic places together: Marina and Pangkor!

Marina Island Resort, Pangkor has much to offer in terms of not only scenic seaviews, land and sea activities but also traditional and educational packages.
First, let me brief you on how to get there from Kuala Lumpur. If you wanna take public bus, there is the Transnational Bus service from Klang Valley such as Tasik Selatan Bus Station (TBS) to Marina Jetty which costs RM27.30 adult for one way. If you are driving a car, then take the North South Highway, exit at Batu Gajah/Gopeng toll plaza and follow the sign to Lumut. Once near Lumut, follow the sign board to Teluk Batik. Marina Island, as the name says, is actually connected to mainland by a bridge. Well, initially I heard about Marina Island, I was expecting to have a ferry/boat ride there! I was wrong then, but, don't worry, anyway Travelling is the path to Discovering, so lets's explore Marina Island Resort now! 

1. Accommodation
1.1. Marina Island Resort and Hotel : D'Sea and D'Ocean apartments and suites
Marina Island is a man made island of 316.9 acres, connected to mainland by a 400 meter causeway bridge.
How's the accommodation like? There are 2 main buildings for hotels and suites, that is D'sea and D'Ocean. There are 2 seminar halls/meeting room which can cater up to 250 pax. The room I stayed in is at D'Ocean building, it is spacious with a hall, fridge, and a separate bedroom.

Facing the sea, there's a nice view from my balcony. I can see the Hippo Frenzy water park and the floating stage. Lovely!

Floating Stage is the first such stage in Malaysia, made from recycled material, suitable for functions, weddings dinner and can cater up to 500 pax

1.2. Rockbund Fishing Chalet
For a more quiet exclusive chalet type, try this Rockbund Fishing chalet. There are two rooms inside this chalet with a bathroom. It is suitable for those who love the mesmerizing sea view. One can do fishing, laze around or enjoy the scenic sunrise and sunset for a relaxing holiday. This Rockbund Fishing Chalet is highly popular and there are only 19 chalets available. Do book early as there can be a few months of waiting time.

1.3. Tiara Bay
For those who prefer homely environment or homestay type, there are bungalows and semi detached houses for rent. Situated in a newly developed housing area, Tiara Bay houses has lovely sea view. This fully furnished houses are suitable for family gatherings or groups who prefer close, cozy and homely feel.

2. Food
2.1. Marina Terembu Cafe is 24 hours serving buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are two dinning area, one inside with air-conditioning and another out door alfresco type where one can enjoy the sea view and breeze while eating. Local and western cuisine ala carte meals are also available.

Enjoy your food facing cool, serene seaview as well as the colorful view of Hippo Frenzy waterpark

Marina Terembu Cafe

2.2 D'Pine cafe is at Rockbund, where local and western cuisine are served. Special setting for exclusive occasion such as weddings, proposals, anniversary or company dinners can be arrangement.

A more detailed description on D'Pine cafe and the romantic fine dining food I had is at this blog : Sunset Romantic dinner

2.3 Mr. Popeye Cafe  A cafe situated on the jetty to Pangkor Island, there are two types of seating. One is the normal tables and chairs inside the cafe and another is the lawn type. Guests can just sit on the grass on a natural mat and a low long table. Special order of a beautifully decorated table romantic on the lawn can be arranged.

3. Activities
Many activities can be carried out at Marina Island Resort, which I feel is very suitable for types of holidays be it team building, family day, and school children outings or small groups or couples . Let me start off with the biggest and fun waterpark, the Hippo Frenzy Waterpark
3.1 Hippo Fenzy Waterpark, the one and only wibit waterplay in Malaysia, is only 3 minutes walk from hotel. The total area is about 24 badminton court big, situated right in the lagoon with 41 obstacles. This newly open Hippo Frenzy is just about a month old has a maximun capacity is 120 pax. Every one must wear life jackets and we have to wade 30m in the water to reach it. Don't worry, for those who are scared or can't swim, there is a speed boat to carry you across. There are many different sections or obstacles such as for kids to crawl or slide only or the more adventurous adults to climb up higher or do balancing or the extreme jump or dive.

 A lovely photo with my friend Siti with the huge hippo in the background and the lifeguard sitting on top. Awesome, isn't it? I love this photo very much.

Take a break from the fun at Hippo Frenzy Waterpark  to take a wefie with Selina.
I enjoyed this Hippo Frenzy Water park very much and it doesn't give me much aches although I climb and fall a lot as it is a wibit and also there's water all around to cushion our fall. Highly recommended and it is only RM20 per pax now under promotional price.

3.2. Batik Painting.
A skill and a chance to explore your creativity, batik painting is very interesting. First, we were taught how to write using the hot liquid wax, then given a picture and various color paints to color on it.

 "It is not easy lah, the wax keeping flowing out in a big round drop" said one of our media friend. 
A joyous moment as smiles and laughter were all around as our friend tried writing his name with the hot wax.

Hmm... this is my master piece at batik painting, did I get the color tone right?

A display of our final art work! 
I am so happy with my batik painting that I am going frame it up, yahoo!

3.3 Giant Grouper Fish Feeding. A sight to behold as we see how the huge giant Grouper fish  weighing more than 100kg jumps up to eat. There are 10 grouper fishes and they are 5 years old already!
The pond of the giant grouper fish. Can't catch a shot of the gaint groupers as they jump so fast .

3.4. Marina Island Fishing Pond . For fishing addicts, this is a great place to be as it is open 24 hours.
3.5. ST. Family theme Park. Marina Island is family oriented resort as dad can go fishing and children can go to the theme park where there are lots of rides. Night time rides are the best as it can be very hot in our local Malaysian weather where it can sometimes averages 30C in the afternoon. I totally enjoy a few rides especially the Big Wheel. Please check out my video on Marina Island which is coming soon.

Big Wheel ride, where you will be rolling inside, and make sure you know how to control the movement, otherwise....
3.6. Raft Building . We were taught how to build a raft using raffia strings to tie it. We were told we can use any other material found in nature such as bamboo in case of emergency when we are in the jungle. Chop some bamboo and tie it to any floating things we can find. A survival skill which is good to know. This is a team building activity suitable for companies to instill cooperation and team work. In the end we have to test the raft we built by really sitting on the raft and paddle in the water with it.

3.7. Sunset Cruise. A three hours ride in sea around Pangkor Island in a Catamaran named Psycho Puss! It is the first rime I took a catamaran ride! We were supposed to watch the sunset, but alas, it was cloudy on that evening. But we were given a ride around in the sea on the speed boat, with wind blowing into our face, fantastic!

We can just sit anywhere on top of the catamaran, to enjoy the view and take photos. 

3.8. Campfire. A huge camp fire can be arranged! For those who love another form of stay, its camping then! Tents can be set up all around the camp fire.

Ideal for Boy Scouts and Girls Guides camp in this safe secured area.

3.9. DIY BBQ with Hawaiian Theme : On our last night, we thoroughly enjoyed our BBQ dinner and had a hilarious time being entertained by bubbly Hawaiian dancers!

3.10 Cycling. Bicycles are for rent for you to cycle around the town, go to shops, see the mural painting or some leisure exercise. Two types of bicycle are available: Single person is RM10 per hour and double person paddle (2 seats type) is RM12 per hour.
3.11.... Island hopping is another way of going around by renting a boat. Likewise for ladies and families who would like to go shopping or sight seeing in Pangkor island, it is only 10 minutes ride if you take ferry from Marina terminal as compared to another ferry from Lumut which takes 30 minutes of the same fare of RM14.
Group Photo at D'Ocean Hotel and Suites with Group CEO Ms. Ding Mei Looi (fourth from right) Thank you Marina Island Resort for hosting this Media group

 There are lots of other activities that can be arranged with the management. I can see that Marina Island Resort is a place that caters to many different groups such as school children, corporations, companies for functions, meetings with many fun unique water activities thrown in.

On the way back, we made two stops. First, it is at the Mr. Honey Bees Farm

Demo on taking out the honeycombs and sweeping away the bees 

We learnt about how the honey is harvested and had free tasting of honey from the actual honeycomb! This is the first time I get to taste honey straight from honeycomb with the wax still on it! The species of bees are Mellifera Bees from Italy. Mr. Yee, the boss says everybody is welcome to his bee farm and it is free meaning no entrance fee. On Sunday, there will be a demonstration of how the honey is being packed into bottles from the honey comb. So, be sure to visit this Mr. Honey Bees Farm on Sunday ya.

Our second stop is at Tua Pek Kong at Pasir Panjang, Sitiawan. A huge temple over 100 years old.  
The best view is the mangrove swamp beside this temple. Be sure to take a walk along the boardwalk and take photos.

Going to Pangkor, Lumut will not be complete without buying back souvenirs. Here, a must buy is the anchovies and fried satay fish. Blue eyed anchovies is the most well known here for its tasty and sweet flavour.

Tourism Malaysia office in Lumut is an imposing building fully equipped with brochures for travelers. It is manned by two long serving (over 25 years) dedicated staff.

 Group photo at Tourism Malaysia office at Lumut.
Seated front row from left: Puan Norhayati, Senior Tourism Assistant, TIC Lumut, Mr. Iskandar Mirza Mohd Yusof, Director Corpotate Communication Division, Tourism Malaysia, Ms Ding Mei Looi , Group CEO, Marina Sanctuary Resort Sdn Bhd and Mr. Abdul Rauf Abu Hasan, Senior Deputy Director, Corporate Communication Division, Tourism Malaysia.

It was an awesome media trip to Marina Island Resort. I had several new intriguing experiences during this 3 days 2 nights stay at Marina Island Resort. Thank you Marina Island Resort Pangkor and Tourism Malaysia

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