Foo Hing Dim Sum Restaurant, Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Do you believe in Feng Shui? Yes? No? Its individual belief. Here let me tell you about this dim sum restaurant that is very popular recently. My girl told me we have to go eat at this famous restaruant and must go early as there will be long queues. Thinking its a new restaurant, I went with her last Saturday. Upon reaching, I was surprised to see the name, Foo Hing Dim Sum Restaurant. I have eaten before in this restaurant! Well now it has shifted to another corner shop a block away, renovated with bright red signboards. Ya, there are long queues starting from 9.20 am. Ok, now back to feng shui, feng shui fans says that your auspicious/good feng shui will shift in direction in few years. For Example,  this year you will have good luck if your location is facing north but in another few years your good luck location will be facing west! Hmm... so this restaurant may be facing its good feng shui with a new location! Well, this is my novice take on feng shui and assumption.

 Many people waiting seated on the row of chairs outside the restaurant

Inside was spacious as it has 3 shoplot spaces

 There are lots of varieties. But here, you just sit down, order from the menu. No need to go pick and choose from this shelves as in some other dim sum restaurants.

The way to order is to write down the number of the food you want by referring to the menu on a slip of paper given to you.

The famous Portuguese Egg Tart- RM2.50 per piece.

Foo Him Dim Sum's specialty is this Portuguese Egg Tart. It has many fine layers of crispy skin. The egg filling is soft, fluffy and not too sweet. Well, indeed, it is one of best Portuguese Tarts that I have tasted. I even 'tapao'(packed) home some, but it doesn't taste as good if it has been kept for more than 5 hours as the skin will turn soft.

 Shanghai 'Xiao Loong Bao' - RM6.00

There's this special way of eating 'Xiao Loong Bao' where we have to slowly bite a small hole first and suck out the broth inside. Well, I have forgotten about it and with a bite,the broth shoots out onto my blouse! Oh, greedy me! Shy, shy....

 Special 3 Egg variety: RM8.00 
I like this dish very much as I am egg lover. What more, here I can have 3 types of hard boiled eggs at one go! A must try dish.

Steamed 'Siew Mai' - RM5.50, Steamed Bamboo Roll-RM5.50 

Steamed Siew Mai is ok but this Steamed bamboo roll is really good. The skin is fine layer like bamboo yet soft. Inside filling is minced meat and prawns.

As I have said earlier, I have eaten in this restaurant before. The Dim Sum is actually really good and now with this special Portuguese Tart, it has taken up to the next level. No wonder the chairs outside the entrance for people to wait is full by the time I went out at 9.20 am on Saturday morning! (I went there at 8.30am and it was almost full). The total bill comes with extra 5% service charge and 6% SST as in all restaurants in Malaysia nowadays.

Foo Hing Dim Sum Sdn. Bhd
31G,33G, 35G, Jalan Puteri 2/6
Bandar Puteri, 47100, Puchong
Tel: +603-80600546

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