Color of the year of Dulux Paint - AkzoNobel & Feng Shui 2019 by Master Kenny Hoo

  • What has 2019 installed for me? It's a new year and of course, eveyone wants to start off right. Call it curiosity, or the yearning to learn, but yes every year I would also check out what the new year has installed for me. I suppose there's no harm in just checking out how we would fare, right? Well, this year I am lucky to be invited to Dulux paint - AkzoNobel's Chinese New Year Luncheon and launch of its lucky color for 2019, Spiced Honey and Master Kenny Hoo's Feng Shui outlook for 2019. Master Kenny, founder of Good Feng Shui presented the color of the year of Dulux paint - AkzoNobel, the Spiced Honey and how to enchance your luck and activate good chi with the different colors and also the general outlook for 2019 Feng Shui.

Color of the Year of Dulux paint for 2019 - Spiced Honey
Dulux paint's color of the year for 2019 is Spiced Honey. Spiced Honey (also known as Crème Brulee 00YY 26/220) has warm amber tones is best described as versatile, sophisticated and timeless. Spiced Honey can induce a sense of calmness, cosiness and burst of energy,  depending on the types of complimentary colors. Therefore, this will give one’s household a spruce of life for this Chinese New Year.

Indra Laban, General Manager, Decorative Paints, Malaysia, said: “Our theme for Dulux’s Colour of the Year in 2019 is ‘Letting the Light in," He is optimistic that Dulux, the leading brand will make a difference in the lives and brighten up homes for Malaysians, not only during this auspicious time, but for many generations to come. 2019 is the Year of Integration, so the element of earth is most favourable. For AkzoNobel chemicals and their leading Dulux paint, the amber earth toned honey inspired color is Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) is perfect color of the year 2019 to help boost your luck and energy levels in your home, particularly in the south and central areas of your home.

Feng Shui outlook for 2019 by Master Kenny Hoo
Auspicious dates for the year of the Boar for Work Resumption after Chinese Lunar Year

Favourable zodiac signs for 2019
Rat, Horse, Dragon, Dog and Monkey are good in 2019

According to Master Kenny Hoo, there are five zodiacs that are favourable with noble people support or "kwai yan" in cantonese. Noble people means they may have help from other people along the way, maybe even people they do not know or strangers. This means that those born under these zodiacs may have a better, smoother 2019 year. The five favourable zodiacs are Rat, Horse, Dog, Monkey and Dragon. The Rat is the first one 2019, they may have promotions, things and events going smoothly, congratulations!

Other zodiacs preditions 
For Rabbit, Goat, Boar and Rooster, there arguments or legal issues so just be careful. They can try to avert by doing some painting, renovations at certain positions at home or office following some Feng Shui tips by Master Kenny Hoo. Try not to make heavy investments and take care of health.
 Don't worry, Master Kenny Hoo says you can also rub off the good luck from the favourable zodiacs! For example if you have a Rat in the house or a collegue who is a Rat, just talk to them more often, always shake hand with them. Who knows they may have some good luck or projects, they can share with you. They may treat you to a meal if they strike lottery! Hehe...

Marriage and Baby luck
For those born in the year of Horse and Dragon, this year they may feel they want to tie the knot! Or for those who do family planing this 2019 year maybe a good year for them to have babies.

Auspicious sectors/directions - South and North
South and North is very good sectors. Enhanced and activate it by adding a touch of Spiced Honey paint! It can be also any small ornaments of this amber earth tone color. 

North sector is good for scholastic and love and relationship. So it is good for your children's study room, make sure it is tidy and place trophies in the north. For companies, hang some happy group photos of employees, trophies or achievements so that more sales and more business will follow in.

Months in 2019
Positive Months -  January, March, April, July, September, October and December
Challenging months - February, May, Jun, August and November
So there are more positive months than challenging months, which is good.

Good Feng Shui numbers
Number 8 and 7 are auspicious, especially when it is at the end. So check all your related numbers now! Your car number, identity card number, house number or telephone numbers! If it appears in any of them, congratulations!

The Most ONG Industries at 2019 

The Challenging Industries at 2019

Home is the center element of families and as we all unite together for this coming lunar year, a fresh coat of paint will signify new beginings. Master Kenny Hoo, founder of Good Feng Shui, says that Feng Shui can offer a variety of easy and practical tips to improve life. One such way is to use the right colours in a home – by just painting a certain wall with a certain colour, where good fortune can be amplified while harmful elements can be negated.

 2019 is the Year of Integration, Master Kenny Hoo founder of Good Feng Shui says we can try to turn around and bring balance and harmony into our homes and also re-energize. "This Chinese New Year, make use of Feng Shui and Spiced Honey paint to create a sense of balance and serenity" he added. Spiced Honey paint can be complemented with four different colour palettes. Check it at

Lou Sang for prosperity at Sheraton Hotel, Petaling Jaya: second left: Indra Laban, General Manager, Decorative Paints, Malaysia, centre: Kenny Hoo, founder Good Feng Shui and second right: Ng Yen Tze, Regional Communications Manager, AkzoNobel. 

Here is a video of Master Kenny Hoo at the luncheon at Sheraton Hotel giving tips on Feng Shui 2019 and Dulux paint color of the year 2019, Spiced Honey

During this Chinese New Year season, expect to receive your very own Dulux Golden Bowl* with purchase of two cans of 5 litre Dulux Paints or one can of 18 litre, courtesy of Dulux paint. In Chinese culture, a golden rice bowl signifies success and good livelihood. 

To know more about your Feng Shui this year, download the Dulux Good Feng Shui Outlook & Success Booster e-booklet here.

Dulux paint has over 2,000 colours available for you to discover and transform your home. For more information on the Colour of the Year 2019, visit the Dulux website at or Dulux Malaysia’s Facebook page at

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