MyKori Dessert Cafe- Kakigori in Malaysia

Japanese Food and Korean food are everywhere in Malaysia now. As s dessert lover, I will be itching to go to dessert cafes the minute I heard of one. This Mykori Dessert Cafe serving Kakigori is the latest popular dessert in Klang Valley, with plans to extend to other states in line.
What is Kakigori? According to WikipediaKakigōri (かき氷) is a Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener, often condensed milk. 


Yes, now Kakigori is in Malaysia. Here, at MyKori Dessert Cafe, the Kakigori or the shaved ice is very, very smooth and fine. It just melts in the mouth! 

There are many types of kakigori in Mydori Dessert Cafe. They are MyKori Signature Kakigori, Kenko Kakigori, Kakigori Boru, Mykori Signature Toast, Croissant Taiyaki and beverages.
From the Mykori Signature Kakigori (check out the list of menus here) , I choose the Mango Yogurt Kakigori.

Hmm....full of delicious creamy mango puree on top of fine shaved ice. It is made up of yogurt ice, fresh mango and mango puree. As a mango addict, I was delirious to see they provide a small bowl of extra mango puree! This is what I like best, as I can never get enough of mango and always want more, more, more, hehe.

Mango Yogurt Kakigori - RM21

For healthy desserts, you can order Kenko Kakigori. There is scrumptious choices of fresh fruits and grains to choose from. You can custom make your own Kenko by choosing your own favourite fruit from fruits such as honeydew, melon, watermelon, dragon-fruits, mango and others. Then choose your own choice of grains such as corn flakes, pumpkin seeds toasted sunflower seed and others. It is a highly recommended for those on diet. So there you are, healthy and able to eat your faves!

Recently, I went again to Mykori Dessert Cafe in Puchong, for Kakigori dessert. This time we ordered Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori.

Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori is made up of milk ice, fresh strawberry, cheesecake cracker crumbs, whipping cream and strawberry purée. Actually the price of RM21 is high for a bowl of dessert, but since it is a big bowl, of course we can share it out among 2-3 pax. There are free sky juice where you have to take it yourself. The way to order is to go to the counter first, give your order, pay, then go and take it from the counter yourself when it is ready. It is a self service cafe.

Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori - RM21

Eating this compact tall shaved ice can be tricky. We were trying to dig out the cheesecake that suddenly the ice falls apart! "You-lah, you-lah", my girls are pointing their fingers at me for digging and searching for the cheesecake. Check out the video to see where is the cheese cake!

Here is the receipt:

Mykori Dessert Cafe branch in Puchong has shifted to this new place which is more spacious.

For dessert lovers, this is a worth trying of Japanese Kakigori in Malaysia.

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