Ramadan Buffet at KLCC 2019, Embracing the Joy of Giving

The month of Ramadan is around the corner. A Ramadan is the most sacred month of the year in Islamic culture. A holy month with fasting and abstainace from pleasures to become closer to God, it is also a time for families to gather and to form bonding.  Therefore, in this holy month, 'Embracing The Joy Of Giving In The Month of Ramadan' is the vision of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) this year 2019. KLCC will be donating 5% of the proceeds from its Ramadan buka puasa offerings to designated charities this venue supports. 

It is Ramadan Rhapsody at KLCC this 2019 year. KLCC introduces 'contemporary bazaar' for the public and corporate sector  in Ramadan buka puasa buffet. From 8 May to 31 May 2019, (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays) there will be 2 sets of customisable menu choices: the delightful Ramadan Al-Mubarak and the tantalizing Ramdan Al-Kareem - where clients have the option to personalize them with various 'Chef Action Station' add-ons. 

There will be a fusion of traditional and modern dishes together with Ramadan 'must-haves'  including bukhara Ramadan serves with 'gulai kawah daging campur with kedondong', 'gulai kawah tulang rusuk kambing' with potato, 'gulai kawah ayam kampung bersama pisang muda lemak manis', tembusu and ubi getok, Portugese-style banana leaf grilled seafood  and many others. The braised duck eggs with coconut milk and vegetables (lemak asam telur itikbersama sayur munggai is a dish I don't usually find in restaurants and it wowed me. 

Being a nyonya, Cencaluk braised chicken (ayam kampung masak cencaluk) is the dish I go for first! Cencaluk is a local cuisine made from fermented tiny shrimps. It gives out a unique flavor which some people may not like. I enjoyed  this dish very much and the chicken meat here is so soft with the flavors infused into it! Oh its so irresistible!

Ocean Prawns with Durian King Fruit
Another tantalizing dish that gives the aroma of the King of Fruits-Durian and resulting in a classy dish when cooked with huge ocean prawns! I wallop alot and its not only me as my fellow media friend also had huge servings! Well, for durian lovers, you must try it!

Fried White Radish cake
This a a local delicacy, a favourite hawker food among the Chinese. A must try if you have not eaten before, can be considered a vegetarian dish as only bean sprouts, kuchai, preserved radish, chilli and eggs are added. This is my family's all time favourite and I only get to buy it either from the morning wet market or night market (pasar malam).

 Executive Chef Hisham bin Jaafar

 KLCC's Executive Chef, Hisham Bin Jaafar said, "We are excited to introdice our interactive 'contemporary bazaar' which will enhance the diverse array of delicious dishes that are being specially prepared by our 52 award-winning chefs. This Ramadan, diners at our buka puasa will be able to enjoy festive ambience of 'Chef Action Stations' with classic roadside stalls where chefs will be cooking authentic 'street food' dishes, such as Penang Char Teow, chicken and beef satay, Thai BBQ, and on the spot cooking steam boat".

Delicious Desserts with the correct level of sweetness

Bandung Cremeux

So many choices for guests to pick and choose for the  ABC 'Ice-Kacang", with even the avocado juice smoothies as syrup. This is the first time I saw this as normally the syrup given is either 'gula Melaka' or Rose syrup and coconut milk.

The menu is indeed extensive, and elaborating further, Chef Hisham said, " In addition to  the host of classic Ramadan dishes, both the corporate and public buka puasa menus offer contemporary  and international choices that are different such as pita kebab Arab daging cincang, Japanese teriyaki and selection of sushi roasted fish Tikka, Hainanese Chicken rice and our famous Harissa whole lamb served with mint sauce and condiments."

Famous Harissa Whole Lamb

Meat from Harissa Lamb is with a terrific wow factor as it is moist and soft. 
No wonder its gone and gone very fast with only skeleton left!  Haha....

Halal certification
This KLCC centre has  five kitchens: Chinese, Western, Cold, Pastry and Malay. Chef Hisham explained that all the kitchen are certified halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). This Ramadan, KLCC continue to build commitment to sustainability with 70% locally sourced produce and ingredients.

Religious Prayers
This centre also offers Ramadan guests a designated prayer room, prayer mats, sandals on-site ablution facility and an Imam to lead Muslims in the their Maghrib, Isya' and Tarawih prayers, allowing guests to comfortably perform their religious duties before breaking fast. 

Huge special 'Aladdin's lamp jar' of Caramel Teh Tarik 

 This aromatic Caramel Teh Tarik was done on spot!

 Kundang Fruit 'Buah Kundang' 
Lots of local fruits and this is attracted my attention.  A seldom seen and normally can be found in local village market: Kundang Fruit, or sometimes called a mini size mango. Sweet and juicy, they are often eaten raw. 

According to KLCC, diners breaking fast at the Centre can be assured of service of excellence and sumptuous 5-star cuisine. Public buka puasa is priced at RM150 nett per person and is available for bookings on weekdays between 8 to 31 May 2019. All public bookings made before 30 April has a 10% discount for early bird. Book early to avoid disappointment. 50% off for senior citizens 55 years old & above and free of charge for children below 3 years old.
For corporate, the great value  buka puasa promotion (for 100 pax and above), which will be available daily throughout Ramadan, is from RM128 nett per person.

As part of the Joy of Giving during this holy festive season, the centre will contribute 5% of proceeds to designated charities. So, enjoy your Ramadan buka puasa buffet and also you can do a deed in helping with the donations! 
Call For bookings: 
Public: +603 23332866
Corporate: +603 23332877
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088, Kuala Lumpur

Serene View of KLCC Park

About Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) 
KLCC is award winning Malaysia's premier facility and Asia's first AIPC Gold Standard venue, purpose built for international, regional and national conventions, trade shows, exhibitions, meetings and events, entertainment and intimate private functions.
This centre offers 22,659 sqm flexible function space, Plenary Hall and Planery Theatre, Grand Ballroom, Banquet Hall, three conference Halls and five Exhibition Hall and meeting rooms. It overlooks the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and 50 acrces of KLCC park.

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