Ramadan Buffet at Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur with Aromatic Mum's Recipe

"Nice view from here mum, I can see KL Tower over this side!" my girl exclaimed when we were dining at Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur's Big Apple Restaurant. "Yes, and the food are all very delicious too," added my friend." Ya, at Level 14, Big Apple restaurant, Berjaya Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the view was fantastic and it's gonna be a lovely place to sit enjoy and break fast with family and friends in this coming month of Ramadan. 

Seats at the sides in Big Apple Restaurant are all strategically located with lovely views

View of KL Tower in the background

Berjaya Times Square Hotel this year serves Aromatic Mum's Recipe at its Big Apple Restaurant, Level 14. West Tower for 'buka puasa' or break fast in this Ramadan month. It will be a gastronomic experience where guests will reminiscent mum's recipe of best Malay dishes.  Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, with a month-long tradition of fasting practice as a sign of devotion and soul cleansing. In Malaysia, its also a time on this special occasion to celebrate togetherness, forgiveness and friendship in  the company of friends and family. At Berjaya Times Square Hotel, guests will also be entertained by a Ghazal performance for a festive mood.

There are a total of 18 bazaar stalls and many more types of food around the main restaurant area from mum's home cooked local delights to international cuisines. The local spreads are Kerabu and Salted Condiments Counter, Paru Paru Berlada, Tempeh, Acar Rampai, Pedal Hati Ayam Masak Chili, Acar Rampai, Acar Buah and Tempeh.
International buffet spreads are Dawood Basha (Arab Lamb Ball- a highly recommended dish), Salmon Fillet, Tomato, Cucumber Salsa with Red Capsium Sauce, Vegetable Jelfrezi, Sous Vide Beef Steak with Mushroom Ragout, Indian Style Chicken Masala, Wok Fried Tiger Prawns with Shrimp Paste, Stir Fried Mussel in Butter in Butter and Black Pepper, and many others.

 Thai Green Curry Duck
I love Thai green curry, a dish I would normally order whenever I dine at Thai Restaurants. Well, here, this is a dish that over whelms me as it comes with a twist of duck meat! So, definitely a must have for duck meat lovers and also green curry lovers. Perfect combination! The duck meat is cooked to the right soft texture and the curry is thick and creamy, yummy!

 Indian Style Chicken Masala

As a foodie at heart, taste and texture of meat is of utmost importance to me. I have eaten Chicken Masala at other places where the meat is tough and bland. Well, this dish passed the mark of my fussy tongue and teeth, as the flavours has infused into the chicken meat and meat is cooked till soft and tender.
Another dish I enjoyed very much is Dawood Basha (Arabic Lamb Ball). The lamb meat balls are of right consistency in mixture and texture. Heavenly when eaten with the Briyani Rice!

Staying true to traditional bazaar style of Ramadan open evening markets, Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur here has set up rows of stalls just at the entrance to the Big Apple Restaurant.

Wow-Soup stall: Oxtail, Beef, Bones, Gizzards and assortment of condiments (spring onions, fried shallots, parsley, lime, spring onions) 

Some of the food at the from the 18 Stalls that can wet your appetite are Kari Kepala Ikan Citarsa Bonda, Nasi Lemak Lobster Tersohor, Kambing Golek PenawarRindu, Lempeng Pisang Kelapa Bidara, Rendang Daging Khatulistiwa, Aneka Sup Serantau, Otak-Otak Dibuai Rasa, Pisang Goreng Keju Makmur and Sous Vide Burger Nusantara.

Jemput Jemput stall consists of various types of fried bananas. There is also a special fried banana with cheese added! (Pisang Goreng Keju Makmur)

Roasted Whole Lamb with Briyani rice, cashew nuts, boiled egg and rosemary sauce

Pizza stall 

Beef and chicken satay with traditional condiments

The desserts are well crafted and with many local spread of assorted Malay Kuih and cookies. Some of the desserts served are Mango Charlotte, Pandan Chiffon Cheese Cake, Chocolate Brownies, Fruit Flan, Mixed Berry Panna Cotta, Agar-agar santan and kacang hijau, red velvet cake,almond Financier cake and Pudding Caramel and selection of dates that is synonymous of fasting month. While the savoury dishes are indeed a notch higher, the same can't be said for the desserts. But of course, desserts are appealing to those with a sweet tooth.

 Seasonal Fruits

It is said that sour-sop fruit can help cure cancer and jack fruit is full of nutrients, so here they are, all in my plate including cempedak, guava and longan. Nowadays, the weather is so hot in Kuala Lumpur, therefore, watermelon and mangosteens are the two cooling fruits that can also quench our thirst.

Here is a short video of media preview of Ramadan buffet 2019 at Berjaya Times Square Hotel

My choice of food? The roasted lamb of course, and all no frills roasted lamb. But don't judge a book by its cover, the meat was so mouth watering good as it was well seasoned and roasted to perfection! Of course, as Malaysians, meat have to go with rice, so roasted lamb eaten with nasi briyani gives just the right combination of an unforgettable buffet dinner. 

Roasted Lamb slices with Briyani Rice and Lobster Sambal. My Fave!

My another regular choice of food whenever I eat at buffet - Grilled fish ikan kembong and Otak-Otak. Lobster sambal is a must eat here  as this is the first time I had a local sambal lobster! Normally I usually had lobster cooked with cheese. Grilled food are healthy food as it contains less oil, and seals in the moisture and flavour of the meat especially when it is grilled wraped in bananal leaves. 

Prices for Ramadan buffet at Berjaya Times Square Hotel with Aromatic mum's recipe are as follows: i) For first week (8 -12 May 2019) and last week (29 May - 2 June 2019)
- adult per pax is RM118 nett and child is RM48 nett. ii) For 13 May - 28 May 2019
- adult per pax is RM128 nett and child is RM58 nett per pax. iii) For 1 (one) will dine FREE with every 8 full paying adults

For reservations:
Telephone: Big Apple Restaurant: 03-21178000 (ext. 8133)
or log in:

For evening break fast(buka puasa) take away, Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur's very own chef, Chef Yusoff prepared Ramadan Special of Nasi Briyani Take away, with the option of chicken or lamb. It will be sold at the Lobby of Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur between  5.00pm and 8.00pm priced at RM10 nett only. 

Big Apple Restaurant, Level 14, at Berjaya Times Square Hotel has great ambiance

With Synthia Kek, Manager, Marketing and Communications, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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