Motac Selangor Engagement Session With Travel Industry and Media, Gamelan funds & activities for Visit Malaysia 2020

Travel is fun. Travel is educational. Travel makes one humble! Travel gives us the rich
wisdom and unforgettable experience and memories.

“With age, comes wisdom. With travel, comes understanding.” – Sandra Lake

Yes, we should go out and see the places other than just stay in the comfort of our hometown. Have you traveled to most the the interesting local places in your state and country? 

Travelling in Malaysia is cheap, and easy and there are still so many interesting attractions to discover. Oh ya, and there are so much variety of food as well. Malaysia comprises of many races living together, therefore there myriads of culture and architecture to explore. Malaysia is truly Asia! Next year 2020, Tourism Malaysia has ear marked it as Visit Malaysia 2020. In line with this campaign by government, Ministry of Tourism Arts & Culture (Motac) Malaysia Central region has organised an engagement session with travel partners and media on 14 October 2019 at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

This event started with a welcoming remarks by Y. Brs Tuan Syed Mohd Fariz Bin Syed Mansor, Director, Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture, Selangor.

Y. Brs Tuan Syed Mohd Fariz Bin Syed Mansor, Director, Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture, Selangor giving opening remarks.

This Motac Selangor engagement session is officiated by Datuk Abdul Rashid Bin Asari, Executive Chairman for Tourism, Culture, Malay Customs and Heritage, Selangor.

Datuk Abdul Rashid Bin Asari, Executive Chairman for Tourism, Culture, Malay Customs and Heritage, Selangor.

The objective is to provide information on the vision and mission and promote programs in central region of Malaysia in this coming year of Visit Malaysia 2020 which is next year. It is also hope that this will be a platform for collaboration and foster greater ties between travel industry and government  departments, local councils and Tourism Malaysia. About 100 travel
industry players, tourist associations representatives, tourist product industries, local authorities and media are present for this event.

Datuk Abdul Rashid Bin Asari, Executive Chairman for Tourism, Culture, Malay Customs and Heritage, Selangor officiating speech

Tourism targets for 2019 is Tourist arrivals : 28.1 million, and tourist receipts 92.2 billion. With Visit Malaysia 2020, Tourist arrivals are targeted at: 30 million and Tourist receipts: 100 billion. Datuk Abdul Rashid Bin Asari, in his speech said that Selangor recorded 7.23 million tourists from local and foreign tourists arrival. From January to June 2019, tourist arrival to Selangor statistics is at 3.48 million. Tourist from China is the highest recorded that is 518,522 pax. This statistics are good achievements and Selangor State is organizing many other big programs such as Selangor Marathon 2020, Selangor Food Mega Festival 2020, Malaysia Golf Tournament 2020 and others in line with Visit Malaysia 2020. Datuk Abdul Rashid also said Selangor is focusing on Sports Tourism such as cycling, golf and tour packages such as homestays and budget hotels for budget travelers.  There is an international standard homestay in Selangor, the Banghuris Homestay at Sungai Pelek, Sepang. Banghuris Homestay won Asean Homestay Award Standard 2018-2020.

In year 2020, the district of Sepang, Selangor is organising 'Tahun Melawat Sepang' or Visit Sepang Year to promote products and tourism in Sepang district.

Q&A Session

This Motac Selangor engagement session had a great interesting Q&A session. Travel industry players were happy that this engagement session have been organised and said that they have been waiting and looking forward towards this event as Visit Malaysia 2020 is just a few months ahead. A number of issues have been raised and suggestion made such as:
i) cleanliness
ii) have regular promotional gimmicks even at smaller towns or districts
iii) illegal travel preps
iv) transportation and parking issues at airports
v) more outreach to travel industry players of programs and events
vi) Accessible Hotline or One stop centre

This event is indeed timely and a good platform to boost tourism in Selangor State and Malaysia as a whole in line with Visit Malaysia 2020.

Gamelan Malaysia
To encourage the success of Visit Malaysia 2020, a fund called GAMELAN Malaysia was set up. It is a special allocation by Finance Ministry channeled through Motac with Tourism Malaysia as implementer. This 5 million fund is to assist the private sector in enhancing their promotion and marketing efforts to increase domestic and international tourist arrivals to Malaysia. It is a matching grant that works on the reimbursing financial assistance to eligible companies in tourism industry, about 50% of the actual cost of their promotional project or the maximum amount allowed for each project category. For more details and information, please refer to Tourism Malaysia Gamelan website here.


Work towards a successful Visit Malaysia 2020!

 “Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.” – Irving Wallace

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