DUNKIN' New Brand Identity Towards Premier Beverage Brand in Malaysia

Donuts, Donuts, doughnuts, yeah, irresistible round rings with colorful toppings and fillings! Its most children's fave and my fave since I was a teenager! Dunkin' Donuts has been in Malaysia for 32 years with its first store opened at Jalan Bukit Bintang in 1987. That's also the time that I had my first colorful donuts from Dunkin' and was hooked onto it. Why? Aren't there many other brands of doughnuts here in Malaysia? Yes, but for me there are three reasons, that is: the dense dough giving it a good bite, lots of variety of sweet fillings and it's reasonably priced!

Dunkin' donuts has recently unveils new brand identity in Malaysia towards premier beverage brand at its Suria KLCC outlet, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In line with Dunkin' U.S. 's official rebranding in 2018, it is now simply called DUNKIN'. There will be a coffee and beverage-forward strategy with additions of Flat white and Caramel Macchiato. The new Suria KLCC store is offering more than 40 flavours, with exclusive items such as Donut Fingers, Cheesecake donuts, Big Boss donuts, Coffee Bean donuts, and aromatic Vanilla Lattee and coffee donuts made with coffee flavoured dough.

 Left: Cinnamon Coffee , Right: Vanilla Latte
Loved the aromatic Cinnamon toppings and the coffee flavored dough on the inside. This a definitely a keeper!

Left: Blueberry Cream Cheese, Right: Apple Cream Cheese 
Being someone who loves cream cheese and apple, this is my highly recommended donut! The combination of apple and cream cheese eaten together with the soft dough, oh wow! This taste even better when it's all blended together inside my mouth, it's heavenly. All my favourites in one mouthful! 

Donut Fingers: (from left) Strawberry, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Sugar Glazed

Such a good idea to do this Donut fingers at DUNKIN', as this will give the extra volume as compared to the normal round ring and empty in the center donuts. At least, this Donut fingers can feel stomachs! Why? Because a friend of mine once said that "You eat donuts? It won't be filling lah. I'll be hungry very fast. All those rings with empty holes inside". Kudos to Dunkin' for this new menu, I can now proudly tell my friend about this Donut fingers ^-^. 

Who says donuts are all only for the sweet tooth? There is now new savoury menu of premium sandwiches for grab-and-go. 

Made fresh in store everyday, this is the perfect on-the-go for morning breakfast and also other times for a quickie grab. Main flavours are chicken, tuna and crab meat sandwiches with sides of vegetables to choose from. 

Sunny Egg Sandwich
This Sunny Egg Sandwich has a unique combination. Made from donut buns, egg patty and filling of choice , with Tuna and Chicken as the top favourites. Alternatively, guests can choose an egg white patty, inside the sandwich. 

Nicely packed for take away or delivery 
Golden Donuts, the main franchisee for DUNKIN' brand will expand into food delivery and e-commerce platforms. In reaching out to consumer lifestyle of digital and social media savvy, Golden Donuts is partnering with GrabFood, Foodpanda on delivery and Shoppee too, said Peter Yu, Managing Director, Golden Donuts.

Peter Yu, Managing Director of Golden Donuts

"A new concept to elevate DUNKIN' guests experience, all new DUNKIN' stores will adopt a 360 store design concept- a warm welcoming cafe'-style with highlights of Dunkin' coffee culture and menu offerings" Guests can enjoying coffee, donuts and sandwiches at this 360 store design concept  to recharge for the day.

In this month of November 2019, Golden Donuts will be contributing all proceeds of DUNKIN' Suria KLCC a la carte' coffee sales to Orphan Care as a CSR initiative. Orphan Care is gives unplanned, at-risk, newborn babies and institutionalized children the opportunity to grow up in the care of a loving family. This is a not-for-profit foundation that works closely with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, and also the Department of Social Welfare.

A nation wide Dunkin' Coffee Hour will be on from 8th - 30 November 2019, with half priced coffee beverages available at all Dunkin' Malaysia outlets  from morning to 2pm daily. (except Dunkin' Malaysia airports outlets)

Other than coffee, I highly recommend the Massala Tea to non coffee drinkers. This thick aromatic, healthy with nice spices goes well with donuts anytime of the day!

With Happy smiling friendly Dunkin' staff at Suria KLCC store. 

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