First Stay at Theme Park Hotel, Family Themed Hotel at Genting Highlands, Malaysia

"I want to go playground in lobby! Wait, I want to watch cartoons. Don't want go to room yet, mummy" I heard this from the kids the minute I walk into Theme Park Hotel, at Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands. A boutique hotel, quirky, playful and children friendly, Theme Park Hotel indeed is a hotel built for  families with children.

The lobby in Theme Park Hotel itself is already like a small playground decorated with Jack the Bean Stalk concept. There is a small slide for children, stools, big sized soft plush toys  models of elephant, tigers. A few round TV screens playing short clips of cartoon tiger, orang utan, frogs, elephant dancing, at the lobby too. Ya, children will be kept occupied while parents can queue up at the reception counter. Taking room keys are all done electronically at a monitor, very fast and convenient method indeed. I was there with my grand children aged 5 and 3, and they were kept occupied immediately. Kudos, for such a thoughtful decor.

Small round screens with non-stop cartoon clips

My two grandchildren climbing Genting Highland hero, Allie, the elephant at Theme Park Hotel lobby.

So the boys wins over his sister! He gets to have his photo taken!

Hotel reception of Theme Park Hotel and the well decorated ceiling depicting Jack and The Bean Stalk story.

We stayed in the Quad room at Theme Park Hotel . It is large with raised platform of two queen sized bed and a single bed just nice for my family of 5, parents with two kids and a granny (or maid). Decorations are quirky, simple, minimalism and attractive to children.

 Simple artistic wall drawings to enhance the furniture.

My grandchildren immediately lie down and play on the raised platform among the beds. Gives children the feeling of relaxation and so much ease in this spacious room. There are even small children size bolsters on each bed, its yellow in color (with red, blue and black dots) in my room. So cute! And just the right size for children!

My room is at Valley Wing  building, it is quite a distance to walk to this building, connected with long corridors. Therefore, there are Tic-Tack-Toe drawn on the floor for children to hop along and keep them occupied. We have to take 2 lifts but it is pram and wheelchair friendly.

View from Theme Park Hotel entrance towards the Sky Avenue, one can see big TV screens with cartoons clips and advertisements, thus in a way its also keeping children occupied while waiting for their father to get family car which is parked at another hotel's car park as the car park at Theme Park Hotel is limited and not available for common guests.

Theme Park Hotel is another building, after the Arena of Stars auditorium. Guests have to walk across an open air space crossing the road and along the corridor to get to the main building of Resorts World Genting. Although its about 5-8 minutes walk, there is no overhead covered corridor when crossing the road and it gets messy when it rains. Umbrellas can be borrowed at this Theme Park Hotel reception at a deposit of RM30 each. It is to the high side, which I think they should at least just provide some assistance of using some porters to help guests to cross the road when it rains rather than asking guests to pay for umbrellas which also gets in the way for guests when they walk around the main building doing shopping holding onto umbrellas.

There is a small cafe selling cakes, biscuits, instant noodles and other small necessities at the lobby. A good convenience stall for weary, outstation guests.

I love these cute yet huge seats in the lobby made in the shape of pitcher plants (scientific name: Nepenthes). There is a nice garden just behind Theme Park Hotel, with a maze and big pitcher plant  flower. From a young, I have been fascinated by this pitcher flower, so unique in shape and amazed at how the big bulb can trap insects and bugs inside it.

Nepenthes or the common name Pitcher plant at English Garden behind Theme Park Hotel, Genting Highlands.

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This is my first stay, (not a sponsored post) and my family totally enjoyed our stay at this Theme Park Hotel.

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