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 "What to wear?" "I don't have anything to wear lah!" "Where can I rent a gown?" These are the words mostly from women when they a have a function to go to, be it a wedding banquet, company dinners, reunion dinners, new year celebration and so on. The next question and worrying factor is where to buy or rent gowns. Ladies love shopping, love to choose and try nice lovely dinner and evening gowns. But sometimes the really nice ones can cause a hole in your pocket. Yup expensive!
 Photo from Vivo

Photo from Vivo
This is what happens to me when I had to attend a close relative's wedding dinner. I was searching frantically among the shops for evening gowns. Moreover, I have to consider my budget and the price factor. Shall I buy a gown for RM788 and wear it once or twice only? Or pay RM300-400 for rental of one evening gown? Another important factor is whether I like the gown enough to stretch my budget. Well, after looking around and having been to about 10 shops selling and rental evening gowns around Klang Valley, I found this shop VIVO Fashion Wholesale Centre that specializes in wedding & evening gowns for rental, sales and alterations.

 Situated just across the street next to IOI Mall, Puchong, Selangor, this shop has a large collection (about 2000) of pretty clothes for sale and rent. 

The dresses and evening gowns are in very good condition, shiny and stylist. It is not like in some shops that have lots of dresses and gowns that looks like a second hand clothes shop with clumsy filmsy drapes. 

Photo from Vivo

Photo from Vivo
The evening gowns here can be for sale or rent.
A. Steps to Buy:
 1. Guests can choose and try to their heart content first. 
2. If you have made a choice, you will have to pay the full price and measurements will be taken so that alterations can be done to suit your body.
3. Alterations can be done immediately but you have to wait. Otherwise, you can come back to collect it in a weeks time. Easy!

 Rows of pretty gowns...

 Special offers and half price sales

 Exquisite glamorous Cheong Sams and limited edition evening gowns

Dressing corner

Photo from Vivo

B. Steps for rental of gowns at Vivo Wedding & Evening Gowns:
1. Choose a gown that you like. On the gown there is two price tags, one for sale and one for rental. 
2. To rent, one has to pay for the full sale price of the gown first. For example the full sale price of gown is RM788, and rental is RM388. I have to pay RM788 before I take the gown home and Vivo will return me RM400 when I return the gown. This is to ensure you return the gown. 
3. In my case, I pay RM388 on the day I decided on this Blue Cheong Sam. They took measurements for alteration so that it will fit my body shape. 
4. A week later, I pay another RM400 and took home the gown. 
5. After my dinner, I return this gown and RM400 was returned to me.
6. But of course, the gowns has to be returned in good condition, otherwise extra charges will be levied. 

Vivo Wedding & Evening Gowns specialize in Bridesmaid Dresses, Mother-of-bride & bridegroom dresses, Cocktail/Party dresses, Dancing Dresses, and Custom-make dresses. In house alteraction can be done immediately as there are in house tailor working round the clock. Evening gowns here have many sizes from XS to 8XL and various fashion and patterns from long sleeve, short sleeve to bare backs sexy ones.  

So friends, here is a shop you can go to find some nice dresses when there's a dinner/event to attend. 

1st Floor, 1-11 Jalan Merbah 1, 
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47170, 
Selangor, Malaysia

For more info:
Contact: Ann Seng
Hp No: +60125688358 or +603-58875779
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🕙 Business Hours: Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
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