NH Soy Seeds and NH Soy Purple With Chia Seeds and Purple Sweet potatoes sold at Watsons

Love Soya beans, Chia seeds, Basil seeds and purple sweet potatoes but find it cumbersome to eat or made into a drink or dessert? This is my main predicament also, as I have to cook each on its own, making it into a dessert or beverage. But fear not, now you can have it together by just stirring this premix sachet into your cup. NH Soy Series recently launched their latest series of NH Soy Seeds and NH Soy Purple. NH Soy Seeds has Soya beans mixed with Chia seeds & Basil seeds and whereas NH Soy Purple has Soya beans mixed with Purple Sweet Potato. A drink which can be wholesome morning breakfast for people on the go. I find it very convenient for an early light breakfast drink with a biscuit or two. To me this is better than our usual bowl of noodles (traditional local Chinese love to eat a bowl of noodles for morning breakfast) which is too filling for me. 

NH Soy uses soya beans certified by organic by European organic certification body. It is non-GMO, high dietary fibre and low in saturated fat. Soya beans is a plant based protein source, contains no cholesterol and is lactose-free. Two servings of NH Soy daily provides 14 to 15 of soy protein. Drinking soya bean milk is good and nutritious. But here, NH Soy provides an extra nutritious and tasty flavor to it by adding purple sweet potato, chia seeds and basil seeds to soya beans.

NH Soy Seeds

Chia seeds contains omega-3 fatty acids which is good for our daily diet. Basil seeds are high in dietary fibre and minerals. Combining these two super seeds with soybean will add up to your nutritional value. Moreover the seeds will give a crunchy texture with some nutty taste. I have been taking Chia seeds on its own, or adding it to other drinks, but here its all been added nicely. Just open a sachet of NH Soy Seeds and pour it into a cup then stir it, or into a shaker if you have one. Simple and easy!

 Using a shaker when mixing the NH Soy Chia Seeds

NH Soy Purple

Purple sweet potatoes contains vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B1 & B2, Manganese, Zinc and iron. Purple sweet potatoes is also known for its high antioxidant levels, higher than the other types of potatoes such as the white, cream, yellow fleshed type. I also love to eat purple sweet potatoes, and I usually would just boiled or steam it. Here, with the combination of soya bean and purple sweet potato, I get even more nutrition and protein. I tried  a sachet of this NH Soy Purple, the taste is yummy, a prefect match made combination and flavor. Here, NH Soy retains the maximum nutritional value of sweet potatoes by using a freeze-drying technology.

This “WHOLESOME GOODNESS” of  NH Soy Series was launched on 20 November in Petaling Jaya.

NH Soy Series are sold at Watsons thus Watsons shoppers can enjoy this wholesome extra nutritious and delicious drink of NH Soy Seeds or NH Soy Purple. 

Demonstration on the preparing of NH Soy Seeds and NH Soy Purple. 

 NH Soy seeds and be added to yogurt and become nutritious yogurt drink

This NH Soy Series of NH Soy Seeds an NH Soy Purple are available in Watsons stores nationwide.

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