Organ Donation Drive (Code):Life by National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF)

Everyday living is blissful and happy. But will it last forever? As many says, we do not know what will happen to us tomorrow, only God knows. "Man proposes and God disposes" (check the meaning at here) Yup,very true as we do not know what God has in store for us in future. So, let's do whatever we can to help others. Helping others can be of many forms, to me organ donation is one of the easiest and simplest way. 

1. Helping others in need. There are many people suffering various types of sickness in need of organ. Let's help them!
 2. No worries: Organ donation happens only when you are dead, (for certain organs) so you don't have to worry about it everyday in your daily life. Life is still normal, until you passed away. We can also donate certain organs when we are alive too, but again, no worries, its all done with your consent and also after a full medical check on compatibility by doctors. 
3. Helping our community and getting others understand more about this type of donation, especially our family members. This donation is not about money, but the values and contribution to society as a whole. Read more about it at: Community Organ donation 
In Malaysia, the waiting list for number of organ donations has been increasing each year but only 1.3% of the population of Malaysia registered as organ donor pledgers. It is a small number indeed. 

Have you registered as an organ donor yet? 
Any one can be an organ donor. The organ donation on waiting list are very long. Do you know that our organ can help to save life or make another person's life better? What organ to donate? Well, actually all organ can be donated, important and urgent common ones are eyes, liver, tissues, heart, lungs and the list goes on. Do you know that a single organ donated can save up to 8 lives?  A single organ donor can save up to eight lives. By also donating tissues and eyes, the same donor can improve up to 50 lives. (from - 5 benefits of organ transplant)
Question: Do I have to donate all my organs when I die? 
Actually this is very simple with the decision entirely up to you, as an individual. You can choose to donate all or which ever organs you want to donate only by just filling in the organ donation form. I can understand that some may have religious issues, or others may just feel squeamish about it. For some it maybe that they think 'oh, they have taken out my eyes, so I will become a blind ghost then?' Haha. So, this is a very versatile case, everyone is given the choice to stated clearly which part of the organ they are willing to donate! So don't worry! 

The National Kidney Fountation of Malaysia (NKF) recently conducted an experience-sharing platform called “Community Organ Donation Drive (CODE): Life - A Forum on Living Renal Transplantation”. This is held in Flamingo Hotel by The Lake in Ampang Jaya; for dialysis patients and caregivers and on educating them on living renal transplantation. This session hosted 120 attendees, among them are dialysis patients, caregivers and medical personnel involved in renal transplantation. 

This 'CODE:Life' programme intially started in November 2018, with the objective to promote and identify barriers that afect those unaware or uncertain of the concept of organ donation. Among the activities carried out are health talk on renal transplantation by nephrologists, as well as sharing sessions by kidney donors and recipients. This event ended with interesting interactive experience-sharing session among participants and the nephrologist. 

 Chua Hong Wee, CEO of NKF, said “Through the “CODE: Life” programme, NKF hopes to educate and create awareness about kidney transplant as the first option for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, for it allows patients to have a better quality of life as compared to dialysis treatment. Indeed, our participants believe that widespread campaigns around organ donation will not only break the taboo surrounding the subject but will also help the public make informed decisions regarding organ donation that could potentially save their loved ones,” 

About National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia
The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) Malaysia is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping Malaysians suffering from end stage kidney failure who lack access to or cannot afford dialysis treatment. NKF currently has over 1,600 dialysis patients receiving subsidized dialysis treatment in over 28 dialysis centers nationwide.

 For more information on these and future NKF activities or to donate towards the organisation’s efforts, please visit or call +603-7954 9048.

So, let's do some good deed by seriously considering ORGAN DONATION for those who have not signed up.
Any comments and suggestions are welcome ^-^

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  1. I have signed up as an organ donor. How about you?

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