Dunkin' treated OrphanCare children with Visit to Donut factory in CSR Programme

Year end is a closing and to many of us we are happy to welcome the next new year of 2020. Golden Donuts, master franchisee of Dunkin' had a CSR programme that brought joy to children from Persatuan Anak-Anak Yatim Dan Ibu Tunggal Kampung Medan and Orphancare Foundation by taking them on a tour to Doughnut factory. A total of 37 guests of excited happy children and their caretakers had the joy of seeing how donuts are made at the Dunkin' Donut factory.

Puan Yuzila Yusof, COO of OrphanCare Foundation receiving the mock cheque of RM15,000 from Mr. Peter Yu, Managing Director of Golden Donuts Sdn. Bhd.

Remember my earlier blog on the opening of Dunkin' in Suria KLCC and the CSR programme pledge of donation by Golden Donuts, master franchisee of  Dunkin' to raise funds through the sale of its coffee beverages generated from this Suria KLCC outlet, the first to carry the new name brand name of Dunkin'? Well, here's the good news: RM15,000 have been raised! This tour ended with a happy note of RM15,000 cheque presentation to OrphanCare Foundation.

Children listened attentively to Dunkin’s donut expert on how to make the perfect donuts

During the tour, the children and caretakers were able to see the production line in the factory. They  learnt how donuts are made from the initial starting point of preparing the dough to cutting dough into donut shape, then the frying process and dressing and lastly packing the donut for distribution. 

Children having a fun time creating their own unique donut during the donut DIY workshop

The most exciting and enjoyable experiences for the orphans are the hands-on chance of dressing up the donuts with different toppings and ingredients. They are able to have fun create their own donuts and express their creativity with different types of toppings on top of the donuts. 

The children were then treated to a feast of sandwiches and chocolate drinks. They also had the chance to do purchases at a Dunkin' Mock shop, where they can choose to buy their preferred donut flavours!

Group photo of the Dunkin’ Malaysia team and guests from Persatuan Anak-Anak Yatim Dan Ibu Tunggal Kampung Medan and OrphanCare Foundation

 At the end of the day, all guests from the OrphanCare Foundation received a Dunkin’ goodie bag each, with Dunkin’ merchandise and snacks as a souvenir. Kudos to Dunkin' for such an awesome CSR Programme which bring so much joy to the orphans!

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