Chinese New Year 2020: A scrumptious Set Menu At Royal Gourmet Restaurant

Ong, Ong, Huat, Huat and may all be prosperous, healthy, happy and lucky! Chinese New Year 2020 ushering in the Rat year is coming! I see the color of red nowadays at boutiques: red clothes, red decorations and red lanterns at shopping malls. Another important feature and tradition among Chinese is food or to be more exact family and friends gathering at lunch and dinners. I had the opportunity to be invited to a food tasting session at Royal Gourmet Restaurant, Premiere Hotel, a 4-star hotel at Bandar Bukit Tinggi, Klang. Situated in this Royal town of Klang, Premiere Hotel offers offers accommodation and authentic dining options to cosmopolitan travelers from local residents, tourists to business associates from industries and nearby bustling Port Klang.

Starting from 16th December 2019, Royal Gourmet Restaurant at Level LG, Premiere Hotel offers exquisite dining experience with specially crafted menu of Chinese New Year set packages. A total of 3 types of menus and 4 types of Fortune Yee Sang are available to guests for this coming Chinsee New Year 2020. Below are the photos from Menu Set B @ RM1288.00+ per table for 10 pax.

Abundance of Nobility Salmon and Kwi Fei Abalone "Yee Sang".

Toss of Yee Sang is a must for Chinese as it signifies welcoming the of the New Year with abundance, prosperity and vigor. Yee Sang, or Prosperity Toss consists of fresh fish slices on top of a combination of slice vegetables, variety of crunchy colorful crisps, condiments and variety of sauces placed in large bowl. It is then mixed by guests around the table with long chopsticks, stirring and bringing it high with shouts and chants of Ong, Huat and success. The higher it goes, the higher and better abundance and prosperity it will be for the New Year!

Royal Gourmet Trio Hot &  Cold Dish Combination

What a beauty! Beautifully crafted and tastefully arranged! Crab shells stuffed with delicious minced meat combination then deep fried to perfection. Painstaking exquisitely rolled crab meat slices tied with seaweed and stuffed with another round of variety of minced meats such as prawn, crab and chicken. Cold dish in a bowl of jelly and fish slices. This is my favourite dish! A must eat indeed.

 Braised Crab Meat Soup with Fish Maw & Dried Scallop

 Another ingenious dish! To stay green and be concerned on conservative environment, the usual shark fin soup is replaced by this crab meat soup. The gravy base is tasty and of the right consistency. There are lots of crab meat slices, soft smooth fish maw and fragrant scallops. Yes, brilliant idea of not serving up the usual shark fin soup and this is also another commendable dish. Another plus point is the taste is a balance of flavors and the texture of the gravy is smooth and not too thick nor starchy.

"Hong Kong" Style Roaster Prosperity Chicken with Chinese Herbs

Yup, roasted chicken in Hong Kong style. The chicken skin is crispy and meat infused with Chinese herbs. An equally mouth watering dish and well tailored to chicken lovers.

Steamed Red Snapper with Minced Ginger & Garlic Sauce

Fish is my favorite dish. I eat steamed fish a minimum of once a week thus I am very happy to see this Steamed Red Snapper with Minced Ginger & Garlic Sauce. The ginger is minced very fine and the combination with garlic is ideal and very suitable for steamed fish. The interesting part of this dish is the tiny dots of red on top.What is it? It is goji berry, or wolfberry. “Wolfberry” or “goji berry” are synonyms for one of the best-known and admired berries from China, called gou qi Image ch14_uf01.jpg or kei tze in Chinese (quote from Biomolecular and clinical aspects of Chinese Wolfberry) Wolfberry is known for various health benefits and therefore it is indeed indigenous to bring this delicious steamed fish to a higher level.

Baked Tiger Prawns with Salted Salted Egg Yolk and Cereal Oats
  Big Tiger prawns was baked and coated with salted egg yolk for the salty eggy fragrance. I love the crispy fried cereal oats. Overall, a good combination of sweet and saltiness with the Tiger prawns.

Braised Baby Abalone with Black Moss, Tau Kan, Black Mushroom & Seasonal Garden Green

Pretty display of an array of colors of green, orange, brown, black and grey on a dish! The green from broccolli, nice orange color from cooked carrot, grey from the big plump mushrooms and black from the black moss. Of course, the highlight of this dish is the braised baby abalone! Wow!

Hong Kong Style Glutinous  Rice with Waxed Meat in Lotus Leaf

As usual the last dish is a rice dish in all Chinese New Year Menus. Here this Hong Kong Style glutinous rice with Waxed Meat in Lotus Leaf. The glutinous rice has cooked to perfection: soft, which suits my palate and mix with enough pieces of wax meat that I relish. 

 Double Boiled Peach, Lotus Seeds with Snow Fungus & Red Dates

 A lovely combination of goodness! Cooling, refreshing, and nutritious. A terrific dessert soup to cool down after a scrumptious meal!

Special Home-made desserts

Variety of homemade deserts are served in this last sweet dish. This time we had this lovely pink Strawberry chocolate with peanut fillings and white Mochi with yam filling.  I like this white Mochi with yam filling very much, as it is different from the usual pan fried desserts.

Chinese New Year 2020 set menus at Royal Gourmet Restaurant has 3 set menus:
 SET A : RM1088+*

SET B: RM1288+*

SET C: RM1688+*

Jelly Fish Yee Sang and Abundance of Wealth Yee Sang is the best seller. Ingredients are fresh with equally enticing sauces. The Kwei Fei Abalone and Australia Abalone Yee Sang are specially concocted to suit guests palate during Chinese New Year Season. Prices start from RM68 to RM188.00.

Royal Gourmet Restaurant is a contemporary dining place with 2 private dining rooms. It serves buffet Dim Sum and innovative flavors of Chinese cuisine.

Premiere Hotel Klang welcomes all patrons to usher in the Year of Rat 2020. All dishes are available from 16 December 2019 to 8 February 2020. Bookings can be made  at:

Telephone: +603 33256828 or 03 33256879 or
email to or
Whatsapp to 012 4496258
*Prices are correct at the time of writing
*Prices are subject to 6% Service Tax
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