Chinese New Year Set Menu at Berjaya Time Square, Kuala Lumpur

"Chiak Pa Boey" is the Hokkien phrase for "Have you eaten". This is the normal phrase and greetings when the Hokkien people meet each other. For Chinese, food and a full stomach is very important. So, this is the normal greetings when Chinese meet each other especially for the older folks. Putting and getting food on the table is the priority of the main householder to provide for his family dating back to hundreds of years ago. Therefore, it is no surprise this tradition of importance of food and eating has been carried on until today. Synonymously, Chinese New Year is also a time for eating together. It also symbolizes family unity, abundance of and prosperity.
Thus, it is undeniable that Chinese New Year is a time for having dinners together with family and friends. Where to go for good food and convenience? Berjaya Times Square, situated right in the middle of Kuala Lumpur city center is offering quality Chinese New Year dinner menus at its Blossom Dynasty Kitchen.

Aren't it a good idea to bring relatives to go around Kuala Lumpur for shopping and then for a good lunch or dinner afterwards? Berjaya Times Square's Blossom Kitchen offers delicious Chinese New Set Dinners with 3 different types of menu ranging from a minimum of 6 pax or half serving from RM788 nett to the highest of 10 pax at RM1788 nett. The following are photos for the second set, which is called Plentiful Wealth Menu which cost RM1588 for 10 pax or RM988 nett for half portion.

Salmon & Sweet Pear Yee Sang

All Chinese New Year dinner starts the first course/dish: the usual Yee Sang. I said usual, but here at Berjaya Times Square Blossom Kitchen, this Yee Sang is definitely unusual.

First, I was surprised at the crunchiness of the crisps at the first bite. Then followed by the fresh ingredients of the sliced vegetables. The most outstanding taste of freshness and sweetness, comes from the sweet pear. I think the big long slices of the sweet pear really bring this dish up to another level. My friend who does not like Yee Sang told me that it is very good and had 3 bowls of this Yee Sang!

   Double Boiled Superior Soup with Wild Ginseng Herbs

Exquisite and heavenly, I enjoyed this soup very much. Gravy base has the right flavor with huge dried scallops, wild ginseng, chicken meat, goji berry and others. A very tasty nutritious soup indeed!

 Roasted Chicken with "Nam Yee" Paste

Roasted Chicken meat is definitely better than fried chicken as it is not oily. This is a healthier version and also the juices are sealed in making the chicken meat soft and juicy. I also enjoy the prawn crackers which is also not oily.   

Steamed Sea Grouper Fish "Hu Nam" Style
 This grouper fish is huge, with lots of meat. Steamed to perfection, the meat is wow!

 Wok Fried White Prawn with Marmite Sauce

The prawns are big, and the whole dish looks pretty. I love Marmite and whenever I eat this dish I usually look for the Marmite sauce at the bottom of the plate. Being a person who love sauces, I could not find the sauce at the bottom of the plate. But this soft skin prawns taste good, and texture of meat fresh. 

 Stewed Flower Mushroom with Fish Maw & Ngapak

Wok Fried Rice with Honey BBQ Chicken Cube

 Chilled Konyako Jelly with Mixed Fruit Cocktail

Lovely mixture of Konyako Jelly and mixed fruit cocktail that is both cooling and refreshing. I love the Konyaku jelly that is of a firm chewy texture and its also almost zero calorie. It complements very well when mixed with other types of soft fruit cocktails.

 Steamed Mini Pau Pumpkin Custer Paus
Cute mini pau with golden orange color is pumpkin skin. I love the filling inside which is made of salted egg cream which is gooey and not too sweet nor salty. This basically a 'lau sar' pau but the filling is not as dilute as others where the minute you bite in the creamy custard filling mixture shoots out. The salted egg filling here has the right consistency and thickness, perfect!

Chinese Set Menu at Berjaya Times Square Hotel Blossom Dynasty Kitchen :
There are three types of set menu with full 10 pax or half portions also can. Prices start from RM788 nett half portion to RM1788 nett full portion of 10 pax. The following are the menus and prices for your perusal.
Menu 1- Lucky Star menu

Menu 2:  Plentiful Wealth Menu

Menu 3: Smooth Sailing Menu

For every table of 10 persons booked for any of the Chinese New Year Menu above, one (1) bottle of red wine or white wine or sparkling juice will be provided free. Additionally, a special 50% discount for Yee Sang or 50% discount for Hi-Tea for the next purchase. Mandarin oranges and state of art Ang Pau Packets will also be given as a celebratory gifts. Guests can will have a choice of 3 distinctive high quality Chinese Tea. Therefore, quick make your reservations!

Brand new Blossom Dynasty Kitchen at Berjaya Times Square Hotel will start operation on 13 January 2020. Decorated with stylist traditional and oriental Chinese elements Blossom Dynasty Kitchen is set for gastronomic elation and culinary euphoria at Berjaya Times Square Hotel for this coming Chinese New Year 2020. The view for guests is terrific with the famous Kuala Lumpur skyline of KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower.

View from Blossom Dynasty Kitchen, Berjaya Times Square Hotel

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