Cubiloxe, Bird's Nest beverages and products @ SS15, Subang Jaya, Malaysia

 Bird's Nest has been a novelty and known as a "The Caviar of the East". Yup, bird's nests is also known as a woman's darling in the East, which is said to be better than diamonds! Why? Because of the nutrients it contains, such as bird's nest is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF). This is known to be responsible for skin and tissue repair. Hmm... "So your skin will be so smooth that even an ant can't crawl on your face, it will just slide down from your face lah?" my husband commented.  

Cubiloxe is a newly opened first Malaysian Swiftlet Nest dessert and beverages and World first patent applied Swiftlet Nest. Merging local flavors with the all time nutritious bird's nest, with less sugar content yet full of goodness, my, it is even better than the trendy bubble tea. I would recommend this swiftlet nest beverage over bubble tea anytime! There are 8 series of beverages, some even with enzymes, desserts and you can also buy authentic bird's nest home to cook as soups or ready made bottled drinks for daily consumption. Check out the website for more details. (

Spacious and brightly lit and fully air-conditioning, Cubiloxe is indeed a great place for a relaxing refreshing drink. 

Stages of Love of Cubiloxe Bird's Nest production of beverages and products.
Cubiloxe's bird's nests products are grown with love. It is a very interesting story of the stages of love from the early love of the swiftlets, where the swiftlets stay loyal to one partner for the whole life. Then it takes approximately two months for them to built their nest together. The nests that are built with love and commitment, using their saliva to form a curve nest and are hung vertically in caves. Then, the swiftlet nest cultivators take great care in harvesting the nests, in order to conserve the swiftlet population. Cubiloxe takes great care in the process of harvesting, transportation and clean the nests to ensure that the swiftlets nests are consumable. Cubiloxe also takes the extra effort in selection of ingredients, curation of menus to produce arrays of beverages and products that will cater to the diverse public.  

Ready cooked bottled bird's nest drinks. 
One of the easiest method of consuming bird's nest is to buy ready to drink bottles. Can just open up and drink a bottle in the morning. Simple, not need the tedious work of double boiling. 

Types of Swiftlet nests for sale (some cleaned 100% and some we can clean it ourselves at home)

To drink bird's nests beverages, the most important is the quality and texture of the bird's nests inside.  Here at Cubiloxe, there are three types of bird's nest topping. 
The Swiftlet Nest Traditional topping.
 (photo credit from

Swiftlet Nest Crystal Cube
I love this type as I can see it in bigger cubes and bite each and every one in between my teeth
 (photo credit from

Swiftlet Nest Sphere
(small rounded balls) 
 (photo credit from

Why the topping? 
 The beverages sold at Cubiloxe are unique, delicious and comes in a special cup where you can taste the swiftlet nest itself. There many types of beverages on the menu and after choosing, you can choose the topping. The topping of bird's nest are placed on top of the cup in a different compartment. So all you have to do is to push the straw down to break the top compartment and then mix it yourself. 

Cubiloxe staff showing the upper compartment of the cup that has a detachable bottom. 

I like this method very much as we can then mix the swiftlet  nest into the drink according to our fancy, whether we want to have all mixed at one go or slowly mix in bit by bit as we drink. A brilliant idea indeed! Extra Swiftlet nest topping can be added upon request at RM10 per topping. 

There are many types of beverages on the menu at Cubiloxe, SS15, Petaling Jaya. Among the top sellers are: Unity: the signature best seller (with pandan gula Melaka), Tiffany Sky (combination of Butterfly Pea, honey and milk), Oh Yeah! (coconut), Dark Knight (chocolate), Pink Forest (pomelo), PPAP (pineapple Enzyme) and Nene (papaya). 
Unity - the best seller
Unity is a combination of Pandan, milk and gula Melaka and of course the toppings of your choice. Here I choose the Switlet Nest sphere of round balls which is just like the balls of bubble tea but it is smaller and softer. (some bubble tea balls are tough). Tastes exotic with the fragrance of Pandan and color wise also nice of soothing green.   

Nene consist of fresh papaya flesh, mixed with milk and the topping here is Swiftlet nest crystal cube. Refreshing local flavor and the joy of being able to enjoy it with the crystal cubes of birds nest! Heavenly indeed! I would love to go back for another cup to enjoy this drink because papaya is full of Vitamin C, antioxidant, helps indigestion and bird's nests provides the nurtitions and helps to smoothen my skin.

 To get the prices, discounts and vouchers, go the facebook page - and click at "use app".


Types of Bird's Nest beverage series available at Cubiloxe.
1. First it is the Top 8 Best Seller series of Unity, Tiffany Sky, Pink Forest, Dark Knight, PPAP, Oh Yeah, Nene and Dolce Latte wich cost from RM22.95 - RM24.20. An extra of 10% - 20% upon submit order.
2. Detox Series (with enzyme) such as Pineapple enzyme, Roselle enzyme and Pieapple Guava enzyme costing around RM22.95
3. Milk series - RM22.95:  Unity (pandan gula Melaka & milk), TiffanySky (butterfly pea, honey & milk) and Spice Girl (Ginger & milk)
4. Koko Series - RM22.95 - RM24.20 : Dark Knight (dark chocolate), Neslo (white coffee & chocolate), Nutco (Roasted Hazelnuts & chocolate)
5. Fruit Blend Series -RM22.95 : Nene (papaya) and But But (banana)
6. Classic Series - RM22.95 - RM24.20: Coconut, Chrysanthemum & honey
7. Sparkling Series - RM22.95 : Pomelo, Nutmeg
8. Just Want Coffee Series : RM22.95- RM24.20 : Dolce Latte, Cappuccino

Recently launched at Cubiloxe is the cake made with swiftlet nest. They are Swiftlet Nest Tofu Cheese Cake and Swiftlet Nest Burnt Cheese Cake @ RM22.95 per slice

Do check out the App for discounts, vouchers and promotions.
Another way to skip the queue and for faster pick up is to order online. This is a good method as SS15 Subang Jaya is quite jam and difficult to find parking space at times. 

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20, Jalan SS 15/4, SS 15,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: 011-1700 0176
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