2 Ingredients Simple Dish, Daun Kaduk Omelette

Daun Kaduk is a local Malay name for Piper Sarmentosum, a common creeper plant grown easily and wild in tropical climate. There are no "official" English name, but it has some similarity to betel leaves, therefore, it is sometimes called wild betel or pepper leaves. Daun Kaduk is considered a herbal plant in Malaysia, and often mistaken for Betel nut leaves. The leaves are of heart shaped, glossy when its young (shines more when young) and crispy. Daun Kadok is often used in Baba Nyonya cooking or Thai cooking. 

 Health benefits for Daun Kaduk are that it helps in digestion. It is also known to  accelerates fracture healing with the ability to restore bone structure and bone strength with its antioxidant properties. Said to help in keeping bad breath away as it has various compound that can help to destroy bacteria that causes bad breath. It also can relieves conspitation. 
The TasteTaste wise is a tiny bit bitter. Daun Kaduk has a kind aroma and the little bit of bitterness may shun some people away.  So I would normally cut the younger leaves which is less bitter.  It may be an acceptable taste for some people and acquired taste for others. I have an old fashioned "China-man" type of  friend who can't stand daun Kaduk and also other local herbs such as Daun Kesum. (Maybe he has not tasted it before from young) I love Daun Kaduk as I am of Nyonya heritage and has been eating since young. 

The Plant

Daun Kaduk grown in my back yard garden. 

Daun Kaduk are easy to grow in tropical climate. In fact it can sprout out and easily grow into a thick bush.

Daun Kaduk grown in my backyard have over pushed out my Aloe Vera plant!.

Otak-Otak Penang style

Some of the popular Baba Nyonya dishes using this daun kaduk sold in Malaysia are Otak Otak (Nyonya fish custard wrapped in banana leaves), perut ikan (Nyonya pickled fish curry) and Nasi Ulam. Otak-Otak Penang style has the Daun Kadok placed on the banana leave and a mixture of fish and eggs is poured over, wrapped up and steam. (Will blog about it later if there you are interested. Do let me know in the comments below)

Recipe for 2 ingredients Daun Kaduk Omelette

1. A handful of Daun Kaduk leaves.
2. Two eggs, beaten
(2 cloves of chopped garlic- optional)

1. Pluck a handful of Daun Kaduk leaves. Discard the stem. Wash it.

2. Slice the Daun Kaduk leaves fine

2. Beat two eggs into a bowl.

3. Heat wok with 2 tablespoon of oil. Fry the garlic if you have, if not just put in the sliced Daun Kaduk and fry. Fry until it is soft.

4. Pour beaten egg into wok, lower heat. Try to let the eggs cover the leaves. Let the eggs cook a little while.

5. Then turn over to cook the other side.

Dish out when done and serve with steaming hot white rice! 

Happy cooking and eating traditional herb plants that can be pluck from garden!

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