3 Ingredient Dish, Fried Minced Meat with Chili

This is a simple dish consisting of only three (3) ingredients. A versatile dish, simple yet appetizing. At this time of writing, we are facing lockdown because of Covid 19 virus. Here in Malaysia, we are going through the 2nd phase of another 14 days of lockdown where social distancing is observed and only one person can go out in one car. To go out also it must be for only essential matters such as buying groceries or food. Most of us have started working from home too. 

People are allowed to go out 'tapau' that is to buy packed food and bring home to eat. Restaurants are closed and no one is allowed to sit and eat at restaurants except to buy packed food home. Going out also is very dangerous nowadays, as corona virus is very infectious. 
I have been cooking at home for these past 2 weeks. To cooking during these tiring and testing times, we have to also try to be prudent and simple. With shops closed, people are out of jobs, businesses suffer and so we have to try to stretch our budget as far as possible. As always, I will use whatever is available in my pantry or refrigerator to dish up. So this is one simple recipe where we need only 3 (three) ingredients. 

Fried Minced Meat
1. One Big Onion - chopped fine

2. 1 Big long chili - deseed and chopped

3. 1 cup of Minced Meat- can be chicken, beef or pork
Here I buy ready minced pork from the butcher.

1. Heat wok or pan with 3 Tablespoon of oil
2. Put in the chopped onions and saute 
3. Add the minced meat 
4. Add one tablespoon of light soy sauce 

5. Add two or three dash of pepper depending on whether you like it hot and peppery. Continue frying until meat is fully cooked.

6. Lastly, add in the chopped chili 

7. Fry until meat is cooked

7. Stir until all are well mixed and fragrant.

Then dish out and serve! Enjoy!
 Let's Stay Safe and Stay At Home! Enjoy the sanctuary of our home with our love family and love ones! Together we overcome Covid -19 pandemic by practising social distancing. 

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