Simple Dessert: Kueh Ketayap Recipe, Pandan Pancake Rolled With Coconut

 Imagine biting into a row of soft round cylindrical local dessert and savor the sweet brown coconut bits of filling inside. Yes, some local Malaysian desserts are yummy, addictive and simple to make. This Kueh Ketayap been a traditional pancake passed down through the years. 

Kueh Ketayap is basically made up of very thin piece of pancake and rolled up with brown grated coconut that has been cooked with palm sugar. Well for the coconut, if you can't get fresh grated coconut, the you can also buy a tin of desiccated coconut and cook it as in this recipe. If you do not have Palm sugar, it can also be replaced with brown sugar too. 
Pandan juice
For those living in tropical climate, pandan leaves are easily available, sold in markets or you can even plant it in your garden. Pandan leaves can grow easily, a hardy plant, and it also provides many health benefits! It can is a mild laxative, detoxing agent, anti-carcinogenic properties, anti-rheumatic and stiffness, pain relief and many others. For the benefits of pandan leaves, please check this site Goodness of Pandan leaves   here. For the pandan juice in this recipe, I would normally harvest a bunch of leaves (around 10-20 leaves) from my garden, wash, clean, cut it into1 cm length. Then I blend it with some water and sieve. It can be used directly or kept in a jar. If kept in a jar, the juice will settle down into concentrated form around 4-5days. The juice can also be poured into ice cubes and freezed into cubes for future use. 
Pandan juice will settle down into concentrated form at he bottom of the jar after 4-5 days kept in refrigerator, as shown in top left hand corner of this photo. 

The ingredients for this recipe are very few only, that is flour, pandan juice, palm sugar, brown sugar and grated coconut. We have to prepare the brown coconut fillings first. Then pan fry the pancake and assemble them by rolling the pancake with the coconut filling inside. OK, let's start with it! 

A: 50-55g palm sugar
3 Tbsp brown sugar
3/4 cup of fresh grated coconut (dessicated coconut can be used)
1/2 cup water

B: 1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup pandan juice water (or 1 cup of water + a few drops of pandan essence)

1. A. Coconut filling.
Prepare the coconut filling first by cooking the palm sugar, brown sugar and half cup of water in a pot. Add in the grated coconut after the palm sugar has melted and lower the fire. Continue stirring until all are incorporated and the grated coconut thicken absorbing all the liquid. Off heat, put aside to let cool.

2. B. The Pancake
Mix all the ingredients of B. Use a ladle pour a thin layer onto a pan over low heat. Turn over for just a few seconds to cook the other side. 

3. Put some coconut filling on the fried pancake a s shown on the picture below. 

4. Roll up once then fold in the sides.

5. Finally, rolled up the rest of the pancake.

6. Enjoy! Can serve with tea for breakfast or teatime. 

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