1st Dine-in After Lockdown at Warakuya Japanese Garden, Puchong Jaya, Selangor

Yabby do.. can dine-in already! Yes, the Malaysian government has announced people can sit and eat at restaurants after months of lockdown. Fully vaccinated individuals can start to sit and eat inside a restaurant provided they follow all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) given by the government and restaurants also must follow the guidelines in the seating for clients. 

The green light for dine-in starts on 20th August 2021 but not many dared to venture out in the beginning.  In fact, only a few restaurants are ready to open up quickly. For my own personal survey, I have been going around (driving around) and saw that even the restaurants that open for dine-in did not have many dine-in customers. There are many empty seats, and only a few tables are occupied. Hmm...so many people are cautious and opt for safety as the daily infections of Covid numbers are still high in this month (August). This shows that many people are matured in thinking, do not just rush to dine-in immediately upon hearing the government's announcement but would wait for a safer timing on their own. Me too, I still do my takeaway food at restaurants and order online food for the whole of last month (September). 

Finally, last week, I gathered some courage and did my 1st Dine-in at Warakuya Japanese Garden. Why do I choose this restaurant? Because Warakuya Japanese Garden is a very popular restaurant and there are long queues every day to dine-in on any normal day (before MCO)! So here I am trying to take the opportunity of this initial opening for dine-in as there are fewer customers now since many people are still cautious and dared not go out to dine-in fully yet. 

I love to dine in at Warakuya Japanese Garden because the food is delicious and very well presented.  This restaurant has great ambiance and fantastic service too. 

Asparagus Bacon - RM7.90
Yes, this is a dish I am looking for as there are meat and vegetables all in one. A advocate for healthy food with vegetables, this is the first dish I quickly order. Price wise is OK, as it is quite small in size. 

Gyoza Pizza: RM14.90
I find this a totally different pizza, a gyoza cum pizza? Unique! So a must-try indeed. Crispy with lovely moist gyoza filling inside. Taste-wise turn out surprisingly good, and this portion is just nice for each individual. Yes, it's the smallest pizza I have taken, interesting lei....

Soft Shell Crab Crepe:RM18.90
Crispy crepe skin with delicious fillings and I noticed there are also some crab filaments included. Overall combination of crepe and filling blends in well and my girl said it is good. 

4 x Grilled Salmon Maki: RM18.90

Special W Roll:RM18.90

Escargot Miso Yak

This was taken during Chinese New Year period earlier this year. The staff here are very helpful, attentive and are always around to help you snap photos. Ya, they do have different types of mascots going around for patrons to take photos with at some time.

Vouchers are given too, discount for my next dine-in. Yes! I can come again as my daughters love Japanese food very much.

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